One Music Video By Ed Sheeran Teases X!

It's been nearly three years since Ed Sheeran's + album, so Ed's brand new "One" music video is the ultimate teaser for his upcoming x album!One Music Video Ed Sheeran

In Ed's latest music video, the singer-songwriter takes a lonely stage to perform the song live and solo on an acoustic guitar.

The stunning black and white of the video amplifies the effect of this more subdued song, as lights stream around him and illuminate his dark figure onstage.

The video seems to have been recorded in an empty auditorium in the hours before the crowd would rush in, giving the video an interesting effect, as it leaves viewers to picture their own audience reactions to the show!

It also gives viewers a look into the sound echoing into the amphitheater's corridors for an authentic concert-going experience!

"One" will appear on Ed's upcoming album x, pronounced "multiply"!

Ed also be at Wango Tango this weekend if you're lucky enough to have tickets. You can check out more info here and join us at to share all things Ed Sheeran with us!