Only Girls Automotive Caters To Women!

Only Girls is an automotive shop in Paris, France with, female mechanics who cater to female car-owners.only girls mechanic amel berrahou

We recently spoke to Amel Berrahou, communications officer at Only Girls, to discuss why their place in the market is so important, and how Only Girls plans to change the face of automotive prepare for women!

The Only Girls mechanic shop began with a survey asking women about their experiences visiting mechanics.

"Many women were upset about how mechanics treat them," Berrahou said. "The finding was that when a woman needs to go to the mechanic shop, she has the feeling of being ripped off. It's a very negative experience."

Many women replied that they felt hopeless about the situation. Most shops give off a macho atmosphere. It didn't feel like there was a place for women there.

Worst of all, women felt like their lack of auto-illiteracy opened them up for victimization.

"Male mechanics find it easy to exploit women customers because many of them have less knowledge on mechanical terms," she said.

But it's important for women to know what's happening under the hood, Berrahou said. Even more, they should know what they're paying for.

"Women need more transparence and explanations about the repairs," she said. "They need to be more comfortable when they going to the garage."

Berrahou explained that the Only Girls garage provides a completely different environment from most male-led garages. They have an "Only Food" coffee shop, "Only Web" computer room, "Only Kids" playground and "Only YOU" beauty room.

"In this beauty room, we do facial wax, nails and massages," she explained. "But the main difference is our advice and transparency. We change only what is necessary in cars."

She added that Only girls is 30% less expensive than other garages!

Only Girls provides a service not only to female customers, but also the female mechanics who work in the shop.

"It's difficult for women to find a job as a mechanic," Berrahou said. "Many existing garages believe that women do not have a place in the world of mechanics. Only Girls wants to give a chance at all those female mechanics."

Currently, the Only Girls garage employs two female mechanics. In the future, they aim to hire even more.

"We think that female mechanics are better teachers and more careful than male mechanics," Berrahou said.

If you understand French, you can learn even more about Only Girls on their official website and Facebook page, listed below.

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