The Only Jewelry Pieces You Need to Pack When Traveling

If you're anything like us, packing "light" is nothing short of an Olympic-worthy challenge.

With a limited amount of space to work with and so much that you want to bring with you to your destination, how do you determine which jewelry to pack? The right jewelry can make or break an outfit, but we're here to help you crack the code by laying out the only pieces you'll need to pack with you when traveling.

A Simple, Short Necklace

You can't underestimate the power of a delicate piece like a simple, short-length necklace. The perfect one for packing should hit right at the base of your neck (think choker-length), making it perfect for highlighting your outfit without distracting from it. Plus, it's a great base for layering extra pieces when an outfit needs an extra boost of visual interest.


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Another Necklace for Layering

Speaking of layering, you'll want to bring just one more necklace in order to make that possible. We recommend a mid-chest length one with just a little bit of detail, such as a small charm or pendant that adds some weight without taking away from the look as a whole. One absolute must when it comes to layering: make sure the metals match. Gold goes with gold, silver goes with silver (the same doesn't always go for other accessories, but layered necklaces matching should be a general rule of thumb).

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A Bracelet You Don't Have to Take Off

No one wants to have to worry about taking every piece of their jewelry on and off when traveling or on vacation, so stick to high-quality pieces that you don't have to take off when it comes to your wristwear. Of course, this varies if you happen to be a wearer of watches, but a good gold or silver chain-link bracelet or otherwise simple option is perfect for pairing with almost any outfit you might be packing with you.

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Small Gold Hoop Earrings

The key to nailing this one is the emphasis on small. It's easy to go overboard with hoops, but adorning your ears with small, simple earrings that go with just about everything means that you won't have to worry about spending too much time choosing the perfect pair (or losing them throughout your travels).


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2 or 3 Rings That Pair With Everything

And finally, the only other jewelry you should bring with you when traveling is a couple of good rings that go well with everything. Two to three is a good amount, as you can choose to wear them all at one time or just one or two on either hand.


Of course, one way to not have to worry about packing your jewelry for a trip is to invest in permanent jewelry, and you can click HERE to read all about the top permanent recommendations we have to offer.