Omnom's Winter Chocolate Collection Makes a Decadent Gift for the Chocoholic in Your Life

Ever since I was first introduced to Icelandic chocolate company Omnom, I've been completely obsessed.

Omnom is all about putting care into every aspect of their chocolate, from using ethically sourced ingredients to making products that taste incredible and differ from the competition—and did I mention their packaging is unlike anything else I've seen?

I adored their Halloween collection, so when the team at Omnom followed up with me to see if I'd be interested in trying their Winter Collection Box, I practically jumped at the opportunity.

The Collection

Omnom prides itself in its high-quality chocolate. All of their single-origin cacao beans are ethically sourced and purchased directly from farmers from Madagascar, Nicaragua and Tanzania. From there, organic sugar cane and Icelandic milk powder are used to emphasize the chocolate's natural goodness.

They don't skimp when it comes to flavors, either. Omnom never features the same boring flavors you see again and again from different brands, utilizing unique ingredients and flavor combinations to provide new experiences every time. The Winter Collection Box, for example, features Spiced White + Caramel, Milk + Cookies and Dark Nibs + Raspberry flavors, which each feel cozy and wintery in their own unique ways.

Plus, their packaging is flawless. This comes packaged in a sleek black box with gold details of constellations and glaciers, swimming polar bears, penguins and whales beneath the ice. Then, when you open up the box, the three individually packaged bars recreates the image in stunning color. The three-bar collection sells for $26.99.


(via Omnom Chocolate)


The Flavors

Spiced White + Caramel

Maybe it's the color, but something about white chocolate makes it the perfect match for the chilly winter season, and this Spiced White + Caramel chocolate bar is no exception. The bar is actually inspired by a traditional Icelandic Christmas drink called Malt og Appelsín, which blends orange and malt sodas to create something wholly original. That's why the white chocolate is infused with barley malt, orange peel and cinnamon. The crunchy caramel bits are just an added bonus.

The result is something that's salty, sweet and oh-so-Christmasy, with a little bit of bite thanks to the caramel bits. Even if you don't love white chocolate, this treat just might be able to convert you. The flavor is all there.


(via Omnom Chocolates)


Milk + Cookies

This unusual chocolate bar takes the holiday custom of leaving milk and cookies for Santa and transforms it into a delectable chocolate bar that isn't just for the king of Christmas. You'll find big old rectangles of cookie nestled right in the bottoms of these 45% Milk of Madagascar chocolate bars, which come courtesy of Brauð & Co. bakery in Reykjavik. They're made with a blend of almonds, oats, ginger and cinnamon. The spiced cookies might be a bit reminiscent of cinnamon graham crackers, and taste best in little bites that allow you to savor the flavor and texture of the cookie, as well as the rich chocolate surrounding it.


(via Omnom Chocolate)


Dark Nibs + Raspberry

Now here's one for chocolate-lovers that like their chocolate dark. Made with Omnom's Madagascar 66% dark chocolate, the Dark Nibs + Raspberry bar also features crunchy, nutty cacao nibs, plus rich, tart raspberry pieces that beautifully complement the naturally fruity flavor of the dark chocolate. That slightly bitter, berry-like flavor of real dark chocolate won't be for everyone, but those who love it are going to fall in love with this bar.

Omnom Chocolate Dark Nibs and Raspberry

(via Omnom Chocolate)


Bottom Line

Whether you're looking to treat yourself with some tasty chocolate for surviving the year, or are looking to send a loved one a festive and delicious treat, you can't do much better than Omnom's chocolates. The quality is clear in their products from the taste of the ingredients to their packaging, and with their chocolate bars averaging $8.99 a piece, they're actually on the more affordable end of luxury chocolates.

If there'one downside to Omnom's bundles, it's that their flavors can be a little bit out-there, and you might not love all three inclusions. In that case, I recommend sharing it with family, or opting to individually buy bars on Omnom's website to suit your tastes. But, once you find something in their shop that sounds interesting, chances are that you'll love it.


Fascinated by the brand? Click HERE to learn more about their (still-available!) Halloween collection.