This Game Is Like Pokémon, The Sims and Animal Crossing All in One—and We Got to Play It

I've never wanted an Xbox One more than I did after playing the upcoming indie game Ooblets at E3.

In the game, you take on the role of a quirky character within a brightly colored world inhabited by people as well as creatures called Ooblets. You've really got to see them to get a feel for how charming it all is.

You're new to town and starting your own little farm, but you'll quickly discover that your plot of land is for growing Ooblets as much as it is for other crops. If you plant special seeds, they'll eventually grow into Ooblets, and other plants you cultivate can result in their further growth.

Ooblets: Bird growing from seed

(via Double Fine Productions)

If you love the "catch 'em all" sentiment of Pokémon games, get ready to be delighted by the creatures of Ooblets. They're all greatly varied, super lovable and totally cute. During my time with the game I acquired a mushroom pal called Shrumbo and grew another devil-horned flowery thing called Clickyclaws. As you play, you can develop an entire squad of Ooblets to follow you around and never let you down.

Ooblets: Running around with Ooblets friends

(via Double Fine Productions)

And just like in Pokémon games, they're not just for collecting. Ooblets also battle, and they each have unique moves that suit their looks and personalities. Fighting gives you experience, allowing you to level-up, and items unlock advanced moves for them and more. And then there's my personal favorite feature—the chance to play dress-up with the Ooblets. Each one can wear different glasses, hats and neck accessories, which you collect throughout the game.

Ooblets leveling up character with sunglasses

(via Double Fine Productions)

And customization doesn't end with the Ooblets. During the demo, I was able to visit a stylist who upgraded my character's haircut so they looked more like me. There was also a boutique full of clothes at my disposal, but I opted to wear green pajamas from home instead.

Ooblets custom haircut

(via Double Fine Productions)

Then there's the social aspect of the game. The town is full of other people, many with their own Ooblets, with their own interesting names and things to say. While they didn't have too much to say in the demo I played, they were all fun and captivating in their own ways. One character even implied he wouldn't befriend me because I'd joined a club that rivaled his. I'm curious to see if I can find out more if and when I get to play the full thing.

Ooblets chatting with people inside house

(via Double Fine Productions)

While I didn't get a ton of time with Ooblets, I'm already hooked. The rounded rainbowy character and level design drew me in immediately, and the unique way the Ooblets grow and fight has me totally charmed. I'm excited to see how this game continues to evolve until it's totally done!

Ooblets farmhouse at night

(via Double Fine Productions)

Ooblets doesn't come out until next year—on Xbox One and Windows, which I unfortunately don't own—but I'm still eagerly awaiting its release. Maybe I need to put an Xbox on my holiday wish list this year.


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