Double Take! Here Are 10 of the Most Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions

Optical illusions can be pretty mind-boggling.

This past week, an international panel of judges selected the top ten optical illusions for The Best Illusion of the Year Contest, and since the announcement, we've been sitting here scratching our heads in confusion. We just don't understand!

See what we mean by taking a look at these top-rated stunts.


1. Motion Integration

Watch as these elements drift but don't move. Our eyes are perplexed.

2. Ambiguous Cylinders

This illusion has us stumped. Rectangles magically transform into circles, but how?! Someone please tell us before we lose our sanity.


3. Silhouette Zoetrope

Okay, zoetropes have always been enticing, but there's something unique about this one. Prepare your eyes for this silhouette masterpiece. It's animation like you've never seen it before.


4. Bubble Magic

You won't believe this one until you see it! In this illusion you begin to see colors that aren't actually on the screen. We'll call them phantom colors. ????


5. Elbow Illusion

This is an illusion you can do all on your own. Close your eyes and have someone move their finger slowly up your forearm. Tell them to stop when you think they've reached your elbow crease. You'll probably be way off—this is a prime example of illusory anticipation!


6. Moving Letters

These letters are totally deceptive. It appears as if they're moving, but they're actually stationary. The brightness of the letters is the only thing that is changing! Puzzled yet?


7. Remote Controls

How can these rectangular bars with colors flickering at the same time and in the same conditions look so different? We need answers, people.


8. The Shrunken Finger Illusion

Another one you can try yourself! All you need is a halved ping-pong and your hand to demonstrate this. You'll freak when you trick your eyes into believing one of your fingers is shorter than the rest.


9. Windmill Illusion

You're about to enter a hypnotic state while watching this clip. These two windmills are seemingly moving in two different directions. Crazy stuff right here.


10. Lights and Dark in Vision

Once again, our eyes majorly trick us with this demonstration. Dark and light features in a person's face are influenced by their context. Don't believe us, just watch!


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