This Is the Correct Order to Apply Your Face Products

Lotions, mists, serums and masks—oh my!

There are so many skincare products on the market these days, and while we seem to be a sucker for buying them, we don't always know the correct order they should be applied.

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But, the order that you apply your face products really matters… it helps increase absorption, hydration and their potency. So below, we did some research on the correct order to apply your nighttime skincare products.

Remove Makeup

It's been advertised that many products both remove makeup and cleanse your face. And while we're okay with a twofer, removing your makeup should really be a step on its own. Start with an oil-based cleanser like Glossier's Milk Jelly Cleanser.

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If you're familiar with Korean skincare practices, chances are, you've heard of the "double cleanse." If you do subscribe to this (which you should!) your second step should be a cleanser that caters to your skin type. This ensures that you're skin is makeup free and ready for the treatment-hydration steps. And one to two times a week, swap out your regular cleanser for an exfoliating cleanser to slough off dead skin cells.


Treatment Mask

Have the urge to do a treatment mask? This is the time to do it, unless it's a facial sheet mask, which is actually the last step in the routine. For treatment masks, you want the product to go directly onto the skin, so it's best to do this prior to starting your nighttime routine.



After cleansing, you should use products in order of how thick they are, starting with the lightest weight product. This is usually a toner or essence because they have a water-like consistency. Both toners and essences help balance out the pH of your skin and prep it to absorb the products to come.



This is where the range of products widens. Treatment products to target acne, sun spots, dark circles or wrinkles should be used next in your skincare routine. You want these targeted products to get as close to the skin as possible, which is why they are ahead of creams. Serum is a very general word to describe anything that's thinner than a cream—so oils and gel-like products also go here. Use maximum two to three serums in this stage.

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Eye Cream

It's really never too early to start treating your underage area. In fact, the earlier you start, the better you'll look when you're older. The area around your eyes is very delicate, so pat on your eye cream with your ring finger.



Finish off your routine with a nice, creamy moisturizer to lock in all of the goodness. This should be your final step in your routine.


Sheet Mask

If you're a sheet mask junkie, this should come as the last step in your skincare routine. Wait about 20 minutes after moisturizing to apply your mask, then let your mask sit for the recommended time. When you're done, massage the rest of the product into the skin and let it sink in overnight.

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