How to Order at Starbucks When You're Extremely Shy

Raise your hand if shyness has ever prevented you from getting exactly what you want at Starbucks. ????

Whether you get embarrassed when you stumble over your words or you don't want to be that person ordering an obnoxious-sounding sugar-free skinny half-caf with soy, many of us dread that walk up the counter to place our orders.

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If you've ever been that person, these steps can help.

Keep It Simple

If the thought of placing an overly long order makes you sweat, try ordering something as-is, directly from the menu. Just pick the drink and your size and you should be good to go—and if you order a frapp, hot chocolate, mocha or chai latte, be prepared to answer whether you want whipped cream or not.


Do It Yourself

If you're not totally happy with the standard drinks and want additional cream and sweetener in your coffee, also familiarize yourself with the condiment bar. If your faves are there, just order the coffee and you can handle the customization yourself—and avoid the extra fees that come with syrup sweeteners and fancy milks.


Practice, Practice, Practice

If you absolutely must order something that requires a string of descriptive words in front of the name of your desired coffee, figure out how you want to order it and practice saying it.

Also be aware of the order of your words. Drink size should come first, then whether you want it hot or on ice, then any modifiers like nonfat, no whip or decaf, and finally the name of the drink. Believe us, this will make life easier for everyone.


Write It Down

Better yet, if you have a complicated order, have it written down and simply recite it to the barista when you're ready. Like before, be aware of the arrangement of your order to make it easy to make your drink and get it exactly right.


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Use the App

If all else fails, download the Starbucks app and use it to place your entire order without speaking to a single person. When you're ordering from an app, you're free to be as shy and neurotic as you need to be. You can customize your drink to every last nitty-gritty detail and order coffees you'd never imagine ordering if you had to say it aloud. Best of all, the app gives you an estimate of when your drink will be finished at the local Starbucks, so you can arrive a couple of minutes late and not even have to wait for your name to be called before you claim it. Shy folks, rejoice.


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