5 Easy-to-Bake Oreo-Centric Treats

Oreos aren't just milk's favorite cookie, they're ours, too.

If we could incorporate it into everything we eat on a daily basis, we would. At least we can add these sweet treats to some of our fave desserts to give them an added level of sweetness. Follow these five simple recipes below to get your Oreo fix.


1. Banana Split Oreo Pie

Bananas and strawberries and Oreos, oh my! This pie does not hold back on the delicious ingredients. Watch the video below NOW to discover how you can get this dessert in your belly stat.


2. Vegan Oreo Frappuccino

Your fave Starbucks drink just got a major upgrade. It tastes just as delicious as any other Frap, but a little bit better for you because of its more natural ingredients. And, thankfully, it's relatively easy to make. All you've got to do is blend it, stick in a straw and enjoy! Follow the recipe HERE.

Vegan oreo Frappuccino in a Starbucks cup

(via The Edgy Veg)


3. Cookie Monster Fudge

We've never seen fudge look so beautiful. It's almost too pretty to eat, but don't doubt that we won't scarf these down in a heartbeat. The amazing thing about this recipe? There are only four simple ingredients you need to bake these beauts. Get all the deets on how to make them HERE.

Blue fudge with cookies in it sitting on a pink plate

(via Something Swanky)


4. Oreo Truffle Dipped Strawberries

A truffle in a chocolate-dipped strawberry—does it get any better? Probably not. We're drooling so hard just looking at these guys. Head over HERE to get the recipe for these bite-sized treats.

Oreo truffle dipped strawberries

(via Crazy for Crust)


5. Oreo Rice Krispies Treats

Amp up your basic Rice Krispies by adding in Oreo cookie crumbles. Easy to make, but beyond heavenly to eat. Go HERE to follow the recipe.

Oreo Rice Krispies on a white platter in front of a blue background

(via Glorious Treats)


Because we've got you on a bit of a baking kick, there are seven various s'mores recipes with unusual ingredients you should make HERE.