Is Oreo Hot Cocoa As Good As It Sounds? Here's What We Think

Few drinks sound more decadent and delicious than a steaming mug of Oreo hot cocoa. When we found out the company makes it in instant mix form, we knew we had to try it.

Oreo hot coca mix box

We got our hands on a carton, but before we even opened the box, we checked out the ingredients and were excited to see that the second ingredient on the list was Oreo cookie crumbs. The fact the drink is literally made from crumbled Oreos gave us high hopes.

Oreo hot coca mix box anx packet

When we opened the packet and poured it into a mug, we expected to see a pile of nearly black cookie crumbs. We were a bit surprised to see it was brown, but the color was still much richer, darker color than a regular hot cocoa mix.

Oreo hot coca mix in cup

Then came the moment of truth. We added hot water and started mixing. Like any instant hot cocoa mix, we couldn't get it to dissolve fully no matter how much we stirred with a spoon—not that we minded much, since chunks of powder are sometimes the tastiest part of a cup of cocoa. The resulting drink was a deeper color than the cocoa we're used to.

When we finally gave it a taste, we didn't quite get the full Oreo flavor we expected. While some floating clusters of the powder mix actually tasted just like a bite of an Oreo cookie, the liquid portion simply tasted like a more chocolately hot cocoa. We would have liked for it to taste more cookie-like, but a the end of the day we loved the flavor.


Oreo hot coca mix mug with drink

If you love hot chocolate, you should definitely give this mix a shot if you stumble upon it at your local grocery store. While it doesn't taste like pure cookies, we think this is what every cup of hot chocolate should taste like.


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