Are Oreos Your Favorite Cookie? Rep Your Love for Them With These Items

Oh, Oreos. The greatest cookie to ever grace this world.

What we wouldn't give to eat them every single day for the rest of our lives. The dream.

Because you're here, it's obvious you're a fan of these cookies, too.

For all of you Oreo fanatics, we've rounded up 12 items for you to rep your appreciation for milk's favorite cookie. Scroll below to check 'em out:

"Cardio? I Thought You Said Oreo" T-Shirt: $19.99

Why do cardio when you can eat Oreos?

Cardio? I thought you said Oreo T-shirt from Human

(via Human)


Oreo Best Friends Keychain: $11.54

If your besties love Oreos as much as you, get this keychain right now!

Oreo cookie best friends keychain from Etsy

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Oreo Passport Cover: $12

Take Oreos with you wherever you go by covering your passport in them.

Oreo passport cover

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"Vegan" Oreo Lapel Pin: $7.93

Oreos are in fact vegan, which means they can be enjoyed by almost anyone. How could you not be a fan of the cookie?

Vegan Oreo lapel pin from Etsy

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Oreo Contact Lenses Cases: $10

This is probably the most extra thing we've ever seen, but it's absolutely amazing. Even if you don't wear contacts, it's worth having this.

Oreo contact lenses cases from Etsy

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Oreo Tote Bag: $23.45

Finally, the perfect bag to carry our Oreos everywhere we go.

Oreo tote bag from Zazzle

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Oreo Earrings: $5.27

An accessory we will never stop wearing. Too bad we can't eat them, too.

Oreo earrings from Etsy

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Oreo Necklace: $8.02

We'll never let go of this.

Oreo necklace from Etsy

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Oreo iPhone Case: $11.99

This is a want and a need.

Oreo iPhone case from Etsy

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Oreo-Flavored Lip Balm: $4.25

You'll definitely want to stock up on these bad boys.

Oreo-flavored lip balm from Etsy

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Oreo Pillow: $100

This is a pricy pillow, but it's well worth the splurge.

Oreo pillow from Etsy

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Oreo-Scented Soaps: $8

Who doesn't want to smell like Oreos? Now you can by washing your body with these delicious-smelling soaps.

Oreo-scented soaps from Etsy

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