O's Bubble Makes It Easier Than Ever to Enjoy Boba Bubble Tea in an Instant—Here's How

I'm originally from Orange County, California, where it seems you're never more than 10 minutes away from a boba bubble tea shop.

These days, though, I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere and (according to Google Maps, at least), the nearest boba shop is two hours away. That's a shame because I love the iconic Taiwanese drink and its chewy, appetizing tapioca balls, but I'm not often in the mood to make it from scratch.

So when I stumbled upon O's Bubble on Instagram, the brand definitely piqued my interest. They specialize in instant boba tea in both frozen and powdered forms, as well as canned Gummy Boba Lattes, which have just been introduced to the U.S. I had to reach out, and I was delighted when the brand was kind enough to send me two flavors of their Instant Bubble Tea and a couple of cans of their Gummy Boba Latte to try for myself, and they've singlehandedly sorted my boba craving.

The Brand

O's Bubble is a Taiwanese brand that wants everyone to be able to enjoy delicious boba bubble teas without having to leave home or go through the long process of making them from scratch. They've worked hard to make chewy and delicious tapioca bubbles that taste just as good as freshly cooked boba, without all of the hassle (and zero preservatives), revolutionizing boba as we know it.

They make everything from frozen boba packs to instant milk teas in powder form, popping boba and canned beverages, and their newest launch is their Gummy Boba Latte in a can. Their products are carried at Asian markets across the U.S., including H Mart, 99 Ranch, Mitsuwa, Weee!, Nijiya Market, Tokyo Central, SF Supermarket, Galleria Market, Seiwa Market, Hongkong Supermarket, GW Supermarket, Marukai and more. You can click HERE to find where the brand is sold near you.


The Boba

Instant Bubble Tea: Royal Black Tea Latte

I started my adventure with O's Bubble with a tried-and-true classic, a black milk tea with boba in the form of the brands Royal Black Tea Latte Instant Bubble Tea. They even had a video to help me get started—not that I needed it. The process is super simple.

The box comes with 10 packs—five of the black tea latte powder, and five of the brown sugar boba, plus five thick boba straws for sipping. I started the process by pouring the latte powder into a  microwave-safe cup and adding 150 mL (5 oz.) of hot water and then stirring well. Next, I added the instant boba and stirred again before microwaving for 45 seconds. From there, I filled another glass with ice and poured the hot tea and boba over, and in an instant, my boba was ready to drink (though you may want to give it another good mix, to get the drink fully chilled).

OS bubble royal black tea latte boba instant

(via O's Bubble)

I stuck my straw in the drink, took my first sip and was delighted with the results. The milk tea was just right, with the slightly nutty flavor of black tea coming through with just the right amount of sweetness, and it was even better when I got a boba pearl with it. The boba had the chewy, soft texture I'd come to expect, and the brown sugar flavor complemented the tea extremely well. It was delicious and super easy (taking less than two minutes total), and it made me so excited to try the next flavor.

OS bubble royal black tea latte boba instant components

(via O's Bubble)


Instant Bubble Tea: Matcha Latte Boba

Next, I moved on to the Matcha Latte Instant Bubble Tea. This time, the process was exactly the same, except that the result was a bold green tea I couldn't wait to sip. I loved this flavor just as much, if not more so. The sugary, yet still grassy and earthy, matcha flavor was excellent, especially for coming from a powder, and the boba pearls also worked beautifully with the tea. Again, it was almost effortless, and the results were well worth it.

OS bubble matcha latte boba instant

(via O's Bubble)


Gummy Boba Latte

Last but not least was the drink I was most excited to try, the Brown Sugar Gummy Boba Latte. This drink, of course, was the easiest of the three, since all I had to do to enjoy it was shake well, pop open the lid and drink it with a boba straw.

This black tea-based drink tasted a bit like the Royal Black Tea Latte Boba, except with slightly more brown sugar flavor, and the boba bubbles inside were just as delectable as the brand's other instant offerings. It was all too easy to drink the entire can in a sitting, but at almost 16 oz., it's also big enough to share, if that's more your style. I loved it and the fact there was zero work involved whatsoever, and plan to try the other flavors as soon as I get the chance.

OS bubble gummy boba latte brown

(via O's Bubble)


Bottom Line

As someone who can't regularly enjoy boba without having to cook my own bubbles and mix my own teas, O's Bubble's offerings are everything I dreamed they would be. They're definitely not low-sugar or low-calorie, but they're actually less caloric and sugary than many boba shop offerings, and they're worth it for the great taste. And, best of all, I have a shop that carries O's Bubble just half an hour away (instead of two hours) so my instant boba adventures don't have to end here.


Willing to put in the work? Click HERE for instructions on how to DIY rainbow boba at home.