Otter Swimming Lesson- Video Pick Of the Day!

Otter swimming lesson!

Molalla the baby river otter at the Oregon Zoo gets an otter swimming lesson!

Otters aren't born with the ability to swim. An older otter has to give them swimming lessons!

"Mom will actually drag them out onto the exhibit and throw them in the water," according to otter keeper Becca VanBeek.

"This might look a little bit brutal to us, it's kinda scary for us to watch, but it's natural for them," Becca says in the video.

When the baby otters do finally make it to the water, they float! As the mom carries the babies through the water by the napes of their necks, the babies learn to doggy-paddle through the water.

"What kind of looks scary for all of us watching is Mom actually has to teach him how to dive, so you'll see her pushing him underneath the water and holding him down there just to kind of get him used to being underwater.

Soon, the otter will develop the skills to do all of this on his own!