This Adorable Otter Really Just Wants To Make New Friends

No new friends? Not for this adorable river otter.

A video posted to YouTube earlier this week documents the charming otter's struggle to show his friendly side to two dogs on the dock.

River Otter Sleeping

(via Facebook @SeattleAquarium)

He starts by swimming along the side of the dock, gently poking his head at his new acquaintances to determine if they are the right match for a true friendship.

Apparently, the otter decides that they will do, because he follows the two pups back to their boat. He politely doesn't step aboard, as the dogs are a little unsure about their new companion.

By the end of the video, the pups have warmed up to their newfound friend. They follow the otter along the dock, sticking their noses off the end to make sure they can all play together.

Click HERE to see the full video of this unlikely friendship!


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