Otters Play Piano: Video Pick Of the Week!

Asian small-clawed otters play piano at the Smithsonian National Zoo in our latest Video Pick Of the Week!Otters Play Piano

While these adorable little otters from the smallest otter species in the world are not exactly mini Beethovens, it's still fantastic to see the sweet animals test their musical chops!

Otters are given access to keyboards as an enrichment activity. While this experience isn't exactly like what their natural environment offers, it does provide them with an exciting learning experience that's great for otter brains!

In the wild, these otters live in swamps and freshwater wetlands throughout Asia, where they use their specialized paws to nimbly crack open mollusks and crabs. In captivity, they often destroy their habitats with the hard shells of their natural food sources, so they receive food without shells, and other activities are supplied to help them stay mentally sharp!

These otters seem to love sticking their paws through the grate and slamming on the black and white keys to create their own tune. So cute!

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