Our Moment Fragrance by One Direction Coming Soon!

Our Moment is One Direction's awesome new fragrance, which comes out this fall!

It's quite the exciting time if you're into fragrances. Just this week, Taylor Swift announced she was rolling out yet another fragrance, and in the near future you'll be able to pick up some of the new One Direction perfume, too!

The band had a press conference in London to speak about the exciting release.

One Direction's Our Moment fragrance!
"Funny enough, there was a fan on Twitter who made a petition to have us make a fragrance and we spoke to management about it and took it from there," band member Liam Payne said. "It did happen! We just got really into it and thought we'd rather have something to do with it than whacking our name on it and going, 'Here's One Direction's smell'."

We're excited to smell the alluring combination of grapefruit, berries, redcurrants, and jasmine. We bet it'll be fantastic! Liam said it's subtly sweet!

If you're a lucky Londoner, the perfume will be available at the famous department store Harrods on August 25 for two weeks. If not, you'll have to wait a couple more weeks until September 9 to find it in the rest of the world!

Who else is excited for Our Moment?