Win This Year's Pumpkin Contest With These Unique Decorating Ideas

One of the most fun traditions of any holiday is pumpkin carving and decorating.

You get a chance to show off your creative side while also sneaking in your competitive nature. I mean, everyone wants to have the best pumpkin.

If you're ready to impress this year, you have to try out one of the winning jack-o'-lantern ideas below:

Hamburger Pumpkin

This pumpkin burger comes supersized and we love every bite of it. Get extra creative by adding pumpkin seeds to the top bun to resemble the classic sesame.

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Lego Head Pumpkin

With all of the Lego movies coming out lately, you'll have the best pop-culture leg-o-lantern on the block. The best part about this design is that you still have room to get creative and make the Lego head into any character you want.

Lego Head construction pumpkin

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Poke Ball Pumpkin

Gotta catch 'em all… inside your pumpkin poke ball. Carve out a big circle to show off whichever Pokemon you like and paint the exterior to look like a bonafide poke ball.

Pokeball pumpkin

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Wrecking Ball Pumpkin

Sometimes the pumpkin is the pièces de résistance of your design, and other times it's simply a prop. This example adds a chain to the gourd to recreate the scene from Miley Cyrus' famous song, but you can take this idea and add your own creative spin. Perhaps the pumpkin can be used as the giant boulder from Indiana Jones. The possibilities are truly endless. 

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Candy Piece Pumpkin

Why not add a little sweet to the savory and make your pumpkin into a giant piece of candy? I mean, it would really match the theme of Halloween.


PSL Pumpkin

What's a better costume for your pumpkin than a pumpkin spice latte suit? We love the whipped cream topping that gives this gourd an avant garde headpiece.

The perfect pumpkin for the office that can't function in the mornings. #starbucks #pumpkinspice #pumpkincontest

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Snapchat Filter Pumpkin

Everyone looks better in a Snapchat filter, and your pumpkin is no exception. There are plenty of ways you can dress up your jack-o-lantern with filter effects, but the examples below are a couple of our favorites.

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Gumball Dispenser Pumpkin

It's hard to believe that there's actually a pumpkin under all those gumballs. With some paint, a flower pot and a bag of mini gumballs, you could have a winning design… but that's just my two cents.


Venus Fly Trap Pumpkin

This Little Shop of Horrors-inspired design is guaranteed to have everyone snapping pictures of your winning pumpkin.


Gru and Minions

You're always on the right track when you choose to go the pop-culture route. Face it, a gourd is perfect for Gru's nose, and these mini pumpkins make for adorable Minions.


Grill Pumpkin

Our mouths are still watering over that giant pumpkin burger, and this next design really brings the BBQ theme home. Experience a little fall cook-out with these pumpkin grills that look good enough to eat.

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Get punny with your pumpkin this year by decking it out in Steampunk attire. Add gadgets and gizmos to your gourd for optimal vibes.


Pokémon Pumpkin

I meannnn you gotta catch 'em all when they look this cute as pumpkins! Turn your house into a poppin' gym this Halloween with all of the Pokémon pumpkins you can possibly make.

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Bulbasaur Pumpkin is ready to greet trick or treaters tomorrow! #pokemon #pokemonpumpkin #pumpkin #trickortreat

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Geode Pumpkin

This design truly dazzles. For some tips on how to turn your gourd into a geode, click HERE for a simple tutorial. I'd leave this decoration up year round tbh.

And so it ends. #GeodePumpkin

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Cactus Pumpkin

What plant is more in right now than the succulent? Create a garden of desert plant pumpkins with the embellishment of pom poms and toothpicks.


Donut Mini Pumpkins

Be sure to bring a box of real donuts along with your mini pumpkin imitations because these look good enough to gobble down.


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