Having an Out-of-Town Friend Visit? Here's How to Make the Experience Stress-Free

Out-of-town visits can be a beautiful thing.

Seeing our closest summer camp pal during the fall, or receiving a days-long stay from our elementary school bestie who moved out of state gives us every reason to be excited. But even our favorite people can give us our least fave of times if we don't play our cards right.

It's easy to get super wrapped up in these rare visits without properly thinking them through, which can lead to big fights or even the demise of friendships. Follow our to-do list below to ensure your next out-of-town visit is an A+!

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1. Limit the Time They Stay

Having your bestie with you for days and days on end sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, unlike during your school days, you won't really get much of a break when you're living together. From personal experience, I can tell you that you will def need your space from your visitor at some point, so arranging for them to stay with you for too long will likely put a damper on things.

2. Encourage Them to See Their Other Friends While They're Visiting

Going hand-in-hand with overstaying at your residence, encourage them to meet up with other friends or do things without you for part of the time they're in town. It will give you two your much-needed space, while allowing them to have an even more fulfilling trip by being exposed to other people and adventures.

3. Pre-Plan Some Fun Activities You Know They'll Enjoy

There's nothing that says snooze like staying with a friend, only to find the entire trip is spent in front of a TV and an iPhone. Plan some fun activities you know your pal will enjoy. Ask for some of their own input, and then throw in a surprise here and there. Whether it's taking them on a tour of your former school, buying tix to a music festival or taking them to a fun mall or amusement park, you want to be sure there's plenty on the agenda. Even at-home nights cooking and pampering are great, too, just as long as you're keeping things exciting. It's not every day you get to see them! Make the most of your time.

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4. Pre-Stock the Fridge With Items They'll Love

Nothing beats getting off a plane or long car ride to a fridge full of A-game groceries. If your pal loves pizza, fill the freezer with varying types so you can heat them up whenever you feel like it. If they're a health nut, ask the 'rents to give you some extra cash to raid the aisles of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to swoop up the most stellar snacks in town. Most importantly: If there's a special snack that only your specific state or town carries that your friend's doesn't, be sure you've got it waiting for them to try when they arrive. And always do the polite thing and ask them beforehand if they have any special requests or dietary restrictions.

5. Avoid Putting Them in Potentially Awkward Social Situations

It makes sense that we want to show off our out-of-town guests to everyone we know, but sometimes that can backfire. When introducing your pal to people who are essentially strangers to them, be mindful of how you think everyone will mesh, and don't make the entire trip about your other friends. At the end of the day, this trip is about you and your distant pal, so be sure to fit in as much one-on-one time as you can, while still making sure proper introductions occur accordingly.

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6. Make Sure They Have a Cozy Sleeping Space

Some friends enjoy sharing beds, while others prefer their own space. Before your friend arrives, go through the different sleeping options at your place of residence and make sure you, your parents and your pal are all clear about who will be sleeping where during this stay. The last thing you need is your friend to show up and find out they're being unexpectedly thrown on the couch! Also, be sure to have clean towels, pillowcases and bedding on hand during their entire stay.

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7. Set the Ground Rules With Your 'Rents Beforehand

Almost nothing scares off a houseguest more than overbearing parents. Before your pal comes to town, go over house rules, curfew, bedtime and anything else that needs to be discussed with your mom and dad so that everyone is on the same page once your friend arrives. If you or your friend have special requests during their stay, be sure to O-K it before your friend comes. And if mom and dad say no, accept their answer—because arguing while your buddy is there will make their visit uneasy. Try to come up with some compromises and strongly express to your parents that you just really want your bestie to have the greatest time ever. You never know, if you ask nicely or do some extra chores leading up to the visit, you may just get your parentals to bend the rules just this once.


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