Outfits You'll Want to Make Sure You Own Have Before College

Every college has its own sense of style.

While students at some schools rock a more casual vibe, others are happy to put together an Instagram-worthy #OOTD for even the earliest lecture. However, no matter what school you attend, there are certain outfits every college student needs to pack before they head off to the freshman year dorms.

No, you don't need to go and buy the same piece-by-piece look as all your new college friends—but you will want to make sure that you have these kinds of outfits for all the things that freshman year may throw your way. So while you're busy packing your favorite boots and most beloved pairs of jeans, here are some outfits you'll also want to make room for.

An Interview Outfit You Can Easily Change Up

There's a chance that you may be asked to interview for an internship or job while at school at the last minute—in which case, you may not have time to shop for something just the right amount of formal. Instead, pack an outfit that you feel good in that can be your designated interview look. Since there's a chance you may have more than one interview with the same company, it's ideal to pick an outfit that you can easily change in some way, like a blazer and nice pair of black pants you can pair with a few different tops you already plan on bringing to school. That way, you won't have to re-wear the entire outfit if you make it to a second-round interview— potentially with some of the same people.

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A Decent Pair of Pajamas

Maybe you sleep in the same T-shirt you've worn for the last five years, and hey—there's zero shame in that. Unfortunately, if you live in a dorm, there is such a thing as 3 a.m. fire alarms—which means you may be forced out on the street in the middle of the night in something you wouldn't want anyone but your roommate and parents to see you in. Instead, bring a pair of PJs in which you can proudly stroll the halls of your dorm.


A Multi-Use Formal Outfit

Something simple, yet formal, will save you in case you're asked to attend a social gathering where the dress code bans jeans and tees. Instead of splurging on an outfit that's super memorable (as tempting as it is!) consider investing in an outfit that can easily look different with the addition of jewelry or a jacket. That way, if you find yourself with multiple engagements over the course of the semester, you won't feel like you've repeated your same outfit in all your Instagram photos.


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A Shower Outfit

Is this an "outfit"? Technically, no. However, if you are using communal bathrooms during your time at college, you'll appreciate having a comfy robe to slip on easily, as well as a pair of durable flip flips so your feet never have to touch the slightly icky tile floor.


A 'Fracket'

If you're attending a frat party (or really, any party) there's a chance that your jacket won't make it to the end of the night. After all, college kids don't tend to have proper coat closets. That's where a fracket comes in. Instead of wearing a beloved jacket or favorite hoodie to a party, you wear an older coat or sweatshirt you no longer really care much about. The goal isn't to lose the jackets, but if it happens, at least you know your favorite denim number is safe at home.

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