What to Do If You've Outgrown a Friend Group

Saying goodbye to a group of friends can be hard, especially if they didn't do anything necessarily wrong.

Sometimes, though, we simply outgrow each other. While no one's to blame, it's important to cut the cord and move on when a friendship no longer serves a purpose in your life.

Does this sound like a situation you're currently in? Read on for what to do if you've outgrown a friend group.

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Casually Fade Them Out

If a formal "breakup" isn't your style, it's best to fade them out of your life casually. Start sitting at a new lunch table, and make other plans for the weekends so it doesn't seem like you're blowing them off. You should eventually get to a point where you are friendly with each other, but no longer friends.


Have an Informal Discussion

If you prefer the direct approach as opposed to being subtle, then go ahead and nicely bring up the situation next time you hang out. Make sure to discuss the why. Perhaps your morals are different, your interests have changed, or they bring you down. Whatever the reason is, let them know. There might even be a chance for reconciliation, but more often than not, you'll all agree that parting ways is for the best.

If there's nothing they did wrong, express to them that it's all you, and that you're just going in a different direction. You'll have to see these people around, so you'll want to remain on neutral terms unless something serious happened.


Don't Cut Them Off Cold Turkey

The mature route to ending all forms of communication is having one last talk with them and giving them the heads-up (that is, if they don't get the hint by you keeping distance). Don't just ghost them, as that almost always ends badly. If they sense something is off, it's better to be upfront and let them know you're no longer interested in continuing the friendship.

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