9 Reasons Outside Lands Is the Summer's Best Music Festival

Going on to its 11th year this coming weekend—get your tickets HEREOutside Lands music and food festival has booked everyone from Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar in the past, to Bebe Rexha, Kygo and more this year.

But aside from its reliable roster of talent each year, the San Francisco-based experience has a slew of other stand-out factors that (in my humble opinion) make it the most attend-worthy festival of the season.

As someone who's on her way to attending for the fourth year, keep reading for nine reasons why I think this three-day extravaganza is the summer's best!

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1. The Chilly SF Weather Is a Welcome Reprieve From the Typically Scorching Heat of Summer

In case you haven't been following, my fellow Sweety High writers and I have a strong distaste for the heat. Therefore, it goes without saying that being bundled up under the cold, overcast sky is far more appealing to me than strutting around in short shorts with beads of sweat dripping down my face (what a visual!). But really, there's something about the crisp San Francisco air that brings a peaceful joy to any situation.


2. No Matter What Food You Crave, You'll Satisfy Your Taste Buds Here

From donut burgers to taters drenched with toppings and oh so much more, OSL boasts a plethora of meal options from cuisines all over the country. Yes, there are many carb-heavy and meaty dishes to choose from, but rest assured there are plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians and those who are gluten-free.


3. The Festival Takes Place in a Forest

As someone who is obsessed with fall, the woodsy scenery of Golden Gate Park certainly takes my breath away. With trees completely covering the space, it's easy to forget you're at a music festival and not on a beautiful nature hike. And at night? The trees light up in different neon colors, creating the ultimate magical haven.

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4. If You're Not Feeling the Music, There Are Plenty Other Things to Do at the Festival

When was the last time you went to a music festival that had a miniature golf course? Oh yes, welcome to Outside Lands. In addition to the popular activity, there are also murals upon murals to follow around at the fest, sure to give your Insta that extra pop. And while you're making your rounds, you have the option to create your own bouquet of flowers and pose like the petal queen you are in the area called Flower Lands. If all else fails, pop into one of the comedy sessions.

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5. The Festival's Lost and Found Is Insanely Efficient

Not that you should go into a situation with the anticipation of losing anything, but it's reassuring to know that if indeed you do lose a valuable object, there's a good chance you can retrieve it without a fuss. The OSL website has a very user-friendly lost and found search database where they post photos of items that have gone missing based on certain categories. Should you spot your item, all you need to do is list a few factors that prove the item is yours, and you're on your way to getting it back! Item not listed in the database? Fill out a claim form and you'll be emailed if something pops up that matches your description.



6. San Francisco Is Simply Amazing

If there's one reason alone to make your way to OSL, consider it an excuse to visit the City by the Bay. Filled with a slew of restaurants, museums and historical artifacts, this beautiful area is big enough to feel like a major city, but small enough to do plenty of exploring in a short time.


7. The Festival-Goers and Staff Are Super Laid-Back

If one of your biggest pet peeves at festivals is getting harassed by security, don't worry about that here. Whether it's checking in at the festival's entrance, asking for directions around the way or minding your own business, don't expect to be bothered by uniform-wearing employees on a power trip. Additionally, the festival-goers themselves are super chill. Everyone is pretty friendly and all about the music.


8. The Festival's Dress Code Is Totally Casual

Put away your flower crowns and crop tops because at OSL, it's all about flannels, black leggings and scarves. Part of this unofficial dress code is obviously due to the weather, but also, the vibe of this crowd is much more chill. So, plan to save your dollars and distraught mentality because there's no best-dressed competition here.


9. It's Incredibly Easy to Get Around at the Festival

Once you're dropped off super close to the festival grounds, getting to the entrance is a cinch. And once inside, the world (okay, the park) is right at your fingertips. There are signs pointing where to go all over place, and people are more than gracious when asked for directions. In addition, there are so many visual meeting points that it's almost impossible not to set a place to find your friends.


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