7 Relatable Scenarios for Every Over-Thinker

Do you feel like your mind works the same way as a hamster spinning on its wheel?

If yes, chances are you have an overactive mind. Below are seven relatable struggles of an over-thinker.

Cartoon head spin

(Lizzie McGuire via Disney Channel)

1. Thinking You Left Your Straightener On

All you want is, just once, to leave your house and not worry. But because your mind is naturally overactive, you start to think of every possible situation that can happen at home while you're out. You've thought you left your hair straightener on and you'll return home to the fire department hosing down your house. You've questioned if you locked the front door. No matter the case, the struggle is real when you're out trying to enjoy yourself, and all you can think about is the state in which you left your home.

2. Deeply Questioning What a Person Meant by Their Comment

Over-thinkers think there are hidden meanings in every conversation. We overanalyze every word and every inflection. Talking to our crush is a nightmare because we can never actually just listen to what they say. We dissect every word or every text and draw up our own elaborate conclusions, when really, it doesn't need to be that complicated.

3. Overusing the Word 'Sorry'

Over-thinkers overuse the word "sorry." We feel the need to apologize for everything, even when we did nothing wrong. It's because we know our irrationalities, but we can't stop our thoughts. So we just apologize a lot instead.

4. Needing Everything to Be Pre-Planned

It's hard for over-thinkers to be spontaneous. It's not because we don't want to do things on-the-fly—it's because we have an overactive imagination and think of every possible scenario that might happen. It's hard for us to just go with the flow. That's why we work better with a plan. When a plan is in place, we don't have to worry about the unknown. And honestly, there is nothing wrong with that.

5. Failing at Big Decision-Making

Making big decisions is definitely a struggle for an over-thinker. We think of everything possible that goes along with the big decision. We spend enough time wishing we weren't over-thinkers, but we should embrace ourselves and our active minds, trying to make every one of our big decisions the best decision for us.

cartoon lizzie world on shoulders

(Lizzie McGuire via Disney Channel)

6. Having Constant Disrupted Sleep

It's natural to be tired, but still, you find yourself staring at your ceiling at 2 a.m. Our minds need to be quiet in order to get a good night's sleep, and that statement is just laughable to an over-thinker. Bring on the under-eye bags and rock them like a champ!

Boo awake in bed

(Monsters Inc. via Disney's Pixar)

7. Social Media Stalking Like a Pro

Being an over-thinker has its perks. Over-thinking allows you to connect the dots more easily than others, so don't be surprised if you're the friend your girlfriends come to when they need to dig up some juicy information. Your overactive mind will solve any social media mystery in no time.


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