Overcomer – The Journey Tells Time Travel Tale!

Overcomer – The Journey is the first book in the Macdara Chronicles, written by Judy Colella. It follows the story of a mysterious Irish boy named Cian MacDara and his new friends, Katie and Celeste.Overcomer - The Journey

Katie and Celeste have been best friends since preschool. They're in tune to each other's quirks and thoughts, even closer than sisters.

Katie becomes aware that Celeste has an odd habit of dazing in and out of trances, and seeing images that she doesn't remember after coming back to reality. She never remembers having these hazy visions at all.

After coming to her senses, she usually starts spouting information that she didn't know she knew, usually relating somehow to her Irish background.

Cian is a boy from the south, with an obvious Irish heritage, who transfers to Celeste's school.

The two girls first spot Cian at the mall the day before he first comes to school, unable to look away as he is outlandishly good looking.

On Cian's second day of school, he witnesses one of Celeste's trances. Thinking that she may be able to help him with his troubles, he asks her and Katie to meet him after school.

As they talk, Cian begins to tell them about his past, unearthing more about Celeste's unusual visions, and spooking both of the girls to the point that Katie is no longer sure she trusts him. When he starts talking about time, Katie especially notices that he doesn't quite seem to belong. Cian isn't quite the way a boy his age should be.

Celeste is most confused by the fact Cian seems to be connected to her somehow, however crazy that sounds to both she and Katie.

The girls learn that Cian is actually from the year 537, and traveled to the present day when he was 10 years old. He was told to find someone named Celeste, which is why he has reached out out her.

Together the three must travel on an epic adventure through time in order to get answers and defeat one of the most evil demons in existence.

Overcomer – The Journey is a story about discovery and adventure. Fans of historical novels that genre-bending stories will find this novel incredibly fun and intriguing.

Overcomer also has a few mature elements in it, including language and adult themes, so we recommend it to our teen readers!

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