Transform Into Your Fave Overwatch Ladies With These Awesome Makeup Tutorials

Blizzard's Overwatch is best known for its frenetic online multiplayer gameplay and diverse cast of characters—many of them women.

Apparently we're not the only ones inspired by the ladies of Overwatch, because beauty gurus have been recreating their looks with makeup all over YouTube. Keep scrolling to find out how you can look just like your fave character.

Tracer by GenieSlays

You can look just like Overwatch's time-jumping Tracer with nothing but makeup. This tutorial shows how you can use various shades of orange, plus black and white, to realistically recreate her mask. And this artist didn't stop with the face makeup—she used her fave cosmetics to paint on Tracer's top and brown leather jacket, too.


Sombra by Glam&Gore

By drawing in strong eyebrows with small cuts, pulling off a dramatic purple smokey eye and using the right color of lip gloss, you can instantly transform into the hacker Sombra. To recreate her awesome haircut, you can also use purple and white hair paint.


Mercy by Madeyewlook

Here's another tutorial that recreates the character's whole look with makeup. The helar healer Mercy's makeup look is a slightly glamorous cat eye look with a blushed cheeks and nose, but you'll definitely want to see how this artist paints on the body suit!


Pharah by BmoYulia

Looking like the solider Pharah is all about duplicating her Eye of Horus tattoo, symbolizing power, protection and prosperity. This video will show you how to do just that.


Mei by ShiSha Rainbow Tutorials

The environmental scientist Mei is a unique fighter in the world of Overwatch, and this tutorial will allow you to look like you brave the same frozen climates as she does. You'll notice that it's in German, but if you click through you can switch on English subtitles to follow along.


Widowmaker by Azure Cosplay

To look just like the assassin Widowmaker, you'll need to go all out. Starting with a periwinkle base over your entire face, you'll then accent the look with dark eyes and lips. It's not an everyday style, but it's worth trying at least once.


Zarya by Cherry LolaCola

As one of the world's strongest women, Zarya deserves an impressive makeup tutorial. This video will show you how to contour your jawline and nose to mimic Zarya's strong features—and don't forget to create your own take on her signature eyebrow scar!


Ana by Milkcat

Like her daughter Pharah, Ana has an Eye of Horus tattoo over one eye. Rather than being a cosplay style, this makeup tutorial by Milkcat is more of an artistic interpretation of the Overwatch founder Ana's look, replacing the eyepatch with a sequined scar over the eye and using blue tones to create a glam aesthetic.


D.Va by Anna Brisbin

The mech-piloting former pro gamer D.Va speaks to the gamer girl within all of us, and this D.Va makeup tutorial, complete with an impression of the character by Anna Brisbin, is perfect. The pink triangular whiskers are key to the look.


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