These Overwatch Quotes Double as Perfect Instagram Captions

Blizzard's Overwatch has given us some of the most iconic video game catchphrases of all time.

The game is as much about the characters and their personalities as it is about the actual gameplay, and they're endlessly quotable. In fact, we happen to think their lines make perfect Instagram captions.

For that selfie that makes you feel like a confident, intelligent and powerful gal:

"It takes a woman to know it." – Ana


For those humble moments when you're not afraid to admit you failed:

"You are only human." – Genji


For the photo showing off your favorite time-saving life hack:

"Hack the planet." – Sombra


For those zany times with friends when all logic and reason goes out the window:

"I tried being reasonable. Didn't take to it." – McCree


For the pic of you looking amazing as you try to scout out your crush:

"I've got you on my radar." – Pharah

For those confident days when you feel you don't need anyone else to get the job done:

"I'm an army of one." – Soldier:76


For when you're feeling dramatic at a birthday party:

"Let them eat cake." – Widowmaker


For your zen yoga pose:

"Flow like water." – Hanzo


For the group pic of you and all of your best friends arriving at the party together:

"Cheers, love! The cavalry's here." – Tracer

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For one of those tiny moments in life that make everything worthwhile:

"It's the little things." – Junkrat


For your frostiest snow day pic:

"Hey, chill out!" – Mei


For the snap of your latest failed DIY:

"Some assembly required." – Tornbörn


For all your post-game selfies:

"GG!" – D.Va

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For the stunning selfie in your favorite all-black wardrobe:

"I'm back in black." – Reaper


For that pic of you being dead serious:

"Error 404: Sarcasm module not found." – Orisa


For that pic of you being the mom of the friend group, even though you're only like a month older than everyone else:

"Respect your elders." – Reinhardt


For that shot of "everything is normal" but your mood makes it feel like the end of the world:

"Welcome to the apocalypse." – Roadhog


For that pic of you showing up at the last minute and saving the day:

"I'm not a miracle worker. Well—not always." – Mercy


For any instance when the simplest of technology makes your life better:

"The power of science!" – Winston


For that shot of your room that greets everyone into your personal world:

"Welcome to my reality." – Symmetra


For your favorite concert photos:

"Give yourself to the rhythm." – Lúcio


For that dreamy, first-thing-in-the-morning selfie:

"I dreamt I was a butterfly." – Zenyatta


For your swole post-workout selfie:

"Strong as the mountain." – Zarya

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