Everything You've Been Dying to Know About Knight Squad Star Owen Joyner

As the star of Nickelodeon'Knight Squad, you know Owen Joyner had a lot of fun facts to share with us this week.

Read on for everything he shared with Sweety High below!

#MCM Owen Joyner

(Photo courtesy of Owen Joyner)

Full Name: Owen Patrick Joyner

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Birthday: July 19

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. His good luck ritual before an audition consists of hyping himself up in his car.

"I love a good 11:11, too."

–Owen Joyner

2. He definitely had a crush on Moana, once upon a time.

"Moana and I had a little spark between us, but she was a cartoon, so the relationship just fizzled from there."

–Owen Joyner

3. His best friends make him laugh more than anyone.

"It's kind of tough to make me laugh really hard, maybe because I watch and read so much comedy. But my best friends can always get me."

–Owen Joyner

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4. The scariest thing he's ever done is audition for his first musical.

"I remember being drenched in sweat, I couldn't feel my feet and I had the worst feeling in my stomach. But I was really determined for some reason, I knew I had to go in there regardless and I did. It ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made."

–Owen Joyner

5. He always orders an iced, decaf Skinny Vanilla Latte at Starbucks.

6. He's obsessed with comedy.

"I love every aspect of it and how intricate it is. I'm constantly trying different bits and jokes on my friends. And I love writing comedy—hopefully one day you'll see some of it in the movies."

–Owen Joyner

7. His favorite days of the year are Earth Day and of course, his birthday.

"I feel like incredibly important issues and companies trying to change these issues actually get the attention they deserve on Earth Day. Although, I think the preservation of the Earth should be a topic of discussion every day. Also, my birthday, because I get presents."

–Owen Joyner


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