Owen Morgan Dishes on Growing Alongside His Character, Bert, in Netflix's Cobra Kai

If you're like us and you've been watching Netflix's hit series Cobra Kai from the very start, then there's no doubt that you love the quiet yet determined Bert.

The character has grown a lot over the course of the series, and that's partly in thanks to a stellar performance by 17-year-old actor Owen Morgan, who plays Bert in the series. Season 4 dropped on Dec. 31, and it was the perfect opportunity to chat with Owen about the development of Bert so far, and what playing the character means to him.

Sweety High: How long have you been in the acting business? Do you have a first memory of performing and knowing it was what you wanted to do with the rest of your life?

Owen Morgan: I've been acting for about four years now, and it's truly been an amazing part of my life. I started on Cobra Kai, and I think I realized I loved acting when I was filming my first scene where I had lines. It was during my infamous "carton of milk" scene, and after a few different takes with different variations of my lines and reactions, it just kind of clicked that this was what I wanted to do for a while longer!

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SH: Were you a fan of the original Karate Kid series before landing the role?

OM: I was definitely aware of it, and I had seen the first one when I was much younger. Going into the show, however, I really didn't remember much about the plot of the movie. I have since watched all of the movies and love them!


SH: What has it meant to you to be a part of the Cobra Kai cast? In what ways are you and your character, Bert, similar? In what ways are you different?

OM: Having the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast is an absolute honor for me, and getting to see so many kind and talented people is something I look forward to every day I go to set. I've also been able to play Bert since Season 1, which has given me a lot of time to grow as an actor while having Bert grow alongside me. Something we definitely share is how we both serve as the underdog of our respective groups, being seen by others as sort of the weakest of the bunch. Something I've been able to add to Bert, though, is that he's a very outspoken person whose determination has managed to inspire me at times!


SH: Your scene with Clarence the hamster was one of the most memorable from Season 3! What was it like shooting that day on set, as well as seeing your character's future unfold?

OM: The Clarence scene has to be one of my favorites in the show! Getting to film a one-on-one scene with Martin Kove was really exciting, and I got to discover how great he is at staying in character throughout an entire scene. I guess his performance worked since Clarence couldn't stop pooping on the floor the entire time!

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SH: How do you think Bert has grown since the start of the show?

OM: As the show has progressed, I think Bert has been able to grow along with me. He definitely started out as the quietest kid, but with enough bravery to stand up to people twice his height. I think he's become a lot more confident in himself and the choices he's made so far, and his growing maturity throughout the series has definitely earned him the attention of his peers.


SH: What has been your most memorable moment on the set so far?

OM: I had the most memorable time filming the Season 3 house fight. There were a lot of complicated parts that went into it, and I definitely messed up a couple of times, but it ended up being completely worth it. The experience that came from all that non-stop filming really left an impact on me, but I wouldn't change a thing about it!


SH: If you had to pick one moment as the highlight of your career so far, what would that be?

OM: My scene with Clarence was my proudest moment, since it was my first scene where I had to convey multiple conflicted feelings. I really enjoyed the idea of having Bert choose between loyalty and his moral values, and that allowed me to do the most out of any scene I had done before!

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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

OM: I'm really excited for fans to see where Bert's story goes in the future, so make sure to check out Season 4 of Cobra Kai! It's out now on Netflix!


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