Owl Pets A Dog- Video Pick Of the Day!

Do you ever watch as an owl pets a dog? This giant fluffy owl named Louise seems to share a special bond with this dog named Annie- even if Annie doesn't reciprocate those warm fuzzy feelings.

Owl pets a dog!

Annie and Louise are both animals trained to help with falconry with Tactical Avian Predators. Louise the owl is trained like a falcon!

Her job is in pest control, but she doesn't eat the pesky birds that cause problems for agriculture, dairies, airports and more. Instead, Louise is trained to scare the pest birds away so that they don't return!

She's also trained to drive away raccoons, skunks, cats, and more from areas where they can be a nuisance, without ever laying a finger on them.

We didn't even know such a thing existed! Seems like dogs are also an owl's best friends.