The Sweet Life: I Attended a Spin Class Event—and Ended Up on a Reality Show!

At Sweety High, we're fortunate enough to get invited to a lot of private events in beauty, fashion, food and entertainment. And who better to take behind the scenes with us than our readers? The Sweet Life gives you VIP access to some of our favorite celebrations, even if you weren't on the list!


If there's one thing I've learned after years of attending Los Angeles-based events, it'alwaycome prepared.

Ever since an oh-so-tragic boxing adventure I experienced two years ago, I will never go to an event (casual or otherwise) without a full face of makeup. No need to go into detail, but what I thought would just be a fun first try at a new fitness studio, turned into a full-blown Instagram photo shoot—and my fresh-faced, messy-bun-wearing self felt like the lowest of the low, among a sea of what may as well have been models. Lesson learned.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, and I couldn't wait to attend Oxygenetix's Sweat-Proof Cycling event at Cycle House in West Hollywood, California. Fitness events are my absolute fave. I not only get to come to work in my coziest wears, but I get to work out in the middle of the day, and connect with various studios, instructors and athleisure brands.

Based on my previous mistakes, I woke up extra early and applied a full face of makeup, slipping into one of my fave Alo Yoga workout ensembles. I didn't bother messing with my hair, because it was going to get frizzy anyway, so I threw it up into a cute ponytail.

Once I got to the event, I was greeted by the head of PR for J-Lo's Niyama Sol athleisure line, who had a huge array of leggings and sports bras laid out for the taking. As someone with five pairs already stocked in my workout drawer, I can tell you they are literally the comfiest bottoms I've ever worn in my life. I was beyond thrilled to see them on display, and even more excited that they were all the newest colors and styles. I swooped up the Lagoon High Waisted Slice Legging (which were the unanimous crowd-pleaser of the day), and a baby pink sports bra, and made my way to the restroom to change.


(Photo courtesy of Oxygenetix)

Next, I headed over to the Oxygenetix table, where a makeup artist for the company matched me with my shade (Taupe!) and touched-up my already-somewhat-done face. I still didn't get the correlation between the makeup and the cycle ride, other than that the idea is to show Oxygenetix is sweat-proof—and who doesn't love a good fitness-y photo opp as well? (that's not me in the photo below, btw, but she looks cute, so—)


(Photo courtesy of Oxygenetix)

Once I finished, a rep for the event approached me with a clearance form. I assured her I already had an account with Cycle House and that my emergency contacts were stored. "No, this is for filming," she said. "Filming?" I came to find out that our intimate group was indeed filming during our spin class for an episode of The Doctors!

As soon as we got into the room with our bikes, they spaced us out in different spots to get the best angles for the shots. We had a camera crew with us for the first three songs of the class, and then it was business as usual. I ran into a friend of mine and we both looked at each other and gasped: "Had we known we were filming, we would have done our hair!" Nevertheless, we smiled and agreed to make the most of it.

Before we knew it, the experience was over. We survived! We were greeted outside with ice-blended fruit drinks from Planet Smoothie, and gift bags with the latest Oxygenetix products. Going off of that, here's where I should probably insert my declaration of love for this product. Oxygenetix's breathable foundation was made specifically for people who have either just had a surgical procedure done, have naturally sensitive skin or who suffer from acne. It's lightweight, yet provides full coverage, and you can even sleep in it. Even on a totally normal day, I wear the Kourtney Kardashian-approved product because I simply love how it makes my skin look, and how it stays on all day.

But if we're really getting into takeaways from the event, I guess above all else, I walked away with yet another reminder of what I've been telling myself as of late: You should always come prepared!


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