P1Harmony Talk New Tour, Performing New Songs and So Much More

The charismatic K-pop group P1Harmony kicked off their second tour on Jan. 20, 2023 with a packed show in Los Angeles. We had the chance to attend the concert and were blown away by the member's energy, flawless performances and genuine love for the stage and their fans.

New songs from the boy group's latest mini-album, HARMONY: SET IN, were expertly woven into the setlist, along with tracks from previous albums. We truly believe P1Harmony will carry their passion to each and every tour stop, delighting their audiences every night.

Prior to their first show, we had the chance to sit down with the group to talk about why this tour is a can't-miss, their pre-show rituals and much more.


Sweety High: What are you most looking forward to on this tour? 

Jiung: On this tour, we're trying to show a lot of different sides of ourselves musically. There might be songs that people are already used to, but we switch them up a little. We're very excited to see our fan's reactions.

Keeho: And also, America has the craziest energy. No matter what city we go to, the energy and the love they give us is so insane. Being able to feel that once again is something that we're very excited for.


Sweety High: What song are you most excited to perform live? 

Keeho: I'm very excited to perform "End It."

Theo: The opening song as well.


Sweety High: You guys mentioned how strong the B-sides are on your newest mini-album, HARMONY: SET IN, and I definitely have to agree. How did you know "Back Down" was the perfect title track for this mini-album?

P1Harmony: The constant we're always thinking about is what song suits us the most and what song we can confidently show ourselves in. We feel that "Back Down" definitely had a lot of aspects to that. Naturally, "Back Down" resonated, and we chose that song because we felt like it fits best for us.


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Sweety High: Which song from the new mini album has been the most challenging to prepare a live performance for?

Keeho: It's "Secret Sauce" for a lot of us, because we learned the choreography the latest, so it was the shortest amount of time we had to prepare performance-wise. Also, there are a lot of "all parts" in the song, as well as ad-libs. We all have to sing it all together while dancing, so you have to constantly remind yourself to sing this part and dance at the same time.


Sweety High: How do you think you've evolved as a group since your last tour and mini-album?

Jongseob: Because we debuted during COVID-19, we did a lot of stages and performances where there were no people. Our first tour was our first time seeing so many people in one place, and to be able to do our own very first concert with so many people showing up was exciting. "Doom Du Doom" was our last title besides "Back Down," and that was the first time in Korea that we were able to do in-person music shows. Having this experience of being able to perform in front of people, and then after, knowing how to act on stage when there are people and how to receive and also give back that energy and have that confidence and charisma, is key when we're performing. Getting that experience really helped us improve our performances, so we're very excited to show our fans in America how much we did improve.


Sweety High: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Jiung: I don't do this every time, but I do it often. It's called a "superpose." I make my body pose as big as I can where I can yell, so it makes me feel confident and be the best.

Jongseob: These days, I watch our stage videos, performance videos and music program videos before we go on stage. That's my routine.

Theo: I recently started using a nebulizer, which is like a humidity steamer for your vocal cords. When your vocal cords get really dry in the area around you, it's not good for your throat.


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Sweety High: What are some ways you stay grounded while you're touring away from home?

Intak: Because it's so hectic daily, especially on tour, I find ways to relax and chill out every now and then. I like to listen to chill music or watch chill videos, stuff that will help me relax and keep me grounded before I go to bed. That just balances out the loudness of the day versus the night.

Soul: I look forward to the days when I get off. In my downtime, I like to search for things that I want to buy or if I want to do anything when there are breaks in between shows on the tour. Looking forward to resting helps me feel a little less stressed out.


Sweety High: Describe why this tour is a can't-miss for any fans of P1Harmony. Any surprises we can look out for?

Intak: This time around, for our setlist, we chose a lot of songs that everyone can just go crazy, dance, jump to and just have fun. I feel like, regardless of whether you like our music or not, if you're just a music lover, if you just like concerts, you can come to just have fun and relieve stress. Even if it's just for those two hours, you can completely let go, just forget about your daily life and have fun with us.


Sweety High: Is there anything else you'd like to say to Peace? 

Jongseob: As a group that's very interested and always very excited to perform—and perform in front of people—we're so excited to show you guys new sides of us. We hope that our fans are just as excited and ready to have a fun time, and are able to create good memories while being a part of our show, because it's not just us doing it, it's everyone that's there in the venue together. Hopefully, we can make a good memory for you guys.


Don't forget to catch the band in action on one of their tour stops! The group will be traveling throughout the U.S. for the rest of the month and the first half of February, concluding on Feb. 16 in Dallas, Texas. Limited tickets are available now through Ticketmaster and AXS.


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