Pacific Shaving Co.'s New Rainbow of Shaving Creams Also Give Back to Awesome Causes

It's not every day that we get amped up about shaving cream, but it'also not every day that we get introduced to amazing brands like Pacific Shaving Company.

The company has been around for nearly 20 years, but they're always innovating and most recently, they've wowed us with their new #ShaveWithPurpose line. Not only does the line include shaving cream in six gorgeous colors, but 10% of all proceeds from sales go to essential causes—blue to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, green to Mental Health America, yellow to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, pink to Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, red to Project ALS and purple to the It Gets Better Project.  

We were immediately drawn to this fun, innovative and altruistic new approach to shaving cream, and we got the chance to chat with married couple and Pacific Shaving Company co-founders Stan Ades (CEO) and CC Sofronas (COO) to discuss where the idea came from, and what it means to them to be able to make a difference. You can also check out the full collection HERE on Amazon.

Sweety High: How did you come up with the idea for #ShaveWithPurpose Colorful Shaving Cream?

CC Sofronas: The inspiration came in early 2020 as we were witnessing social injustices at the forefront of everyday life. Our immediate question of, "What can Pacific Shaving Company do to help make a positive impact?" eventually evolved into, "Why does shaving cream have to be white?" As business partners, parents, and husband and wife, we've always looked at how we can make a difference, and we saw a real opportunity with different color shaving creams and using each as an everyday vehicle to raise awareness and support for important health and social causes.

Pacific Shaving Co. shavewithpurpose cans

(via Pacific Shaving Company)


SH: Where did the concept for colorful shaving creams come from? Why did that feel like the perfect match for this campaign?

Stan Ades: In addition to everything that CC said above, what has always driven us (since we started this company in 2002!) is our quest to develop innovative, effective products with purpose. So we looked at how we could combine our passion with meaning. It didn't take long to land on this #ShaveWithPurpose collection. We really love the idea of turning an everyday routine like shaving into a charitable action, and an easy way to build awareness for these causes. For example, if you don't have the time to volunteer or the means to give monetarily to charities, you can still demonstrate your support every day, before you even leave the house!

Pacific Shaving Co. shavewithpurpose rainbow stripes shaving

(via Pacific Shaving Company)


SH: How did you pick the six non-profits for this campaign? Why are these causes meaningful to you?

CCS: First, we had to formulate a safe and effective shave cream showcasing beautiful colors. Simultaneously, we began identifying which causes we wanted to support. For better or worse, Stan and I have a connection to each of the initial six causes. For example, Breast cancer is very prevalent in my family and my father died of ALS, so it was important to bring awareness to those illnesses in our launch collection.

Pacific Shaving Co. shavewithpurpose pink shaving cream

(via Pacific Shaving Company)


SH: How is Pacific Shaving Company's grooming products different from other brands?

SA: We've been family-run since we founded the company in 2002! While this hasn't always been easy, it's really helped us remain true to ourselves and the brand—we're serious about developing innovative grooming products that use safe, natural and plant-derived ingredients—that you won't find anywhere else. However, we also recognize that grooming itself does not always need to be serious, so whenever we see an opportunity to put fun and joy into the daily grooming regimen, we jump at it. This collection is the perfect emblem of that! We may not be able to change the world with colorful shaving cream, but maybe we can start by inspiring others to think of these important causes every morning, even if for just a few moments.


SH: Do you have a favorite shaving tip for something people always seem to get wrong?

SA: Always take your first shaving pass with the grain, not against it. Oh, and never shave in a moving car!


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

CCS: I'm so excited to breathe new life and color into the shaving category! Not only are the colors fun and beautiful (and the shaving cream rich and luxurious), but we get to bring awareness to social and health causes close to our hearts. Just looking at these colorful shaving creams is guaranteed to brighten your day. Our goal is that the #ShaveWithPurpose collection:
1. Puts a smile on your face.
2. Warms your heart, knowing your purchase is making a difference.
3. Inspires conversations, builds awareness and removes stigma.
4. Gives a great shave (of course!).

Pacific Shaving Co. shavewithpurpose rainbow cream stripes

(via Pacific Shaving Company)


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