Pack To School: Thirst Project For Education!

The Thirst Project's new Pack To School campaign aims to provide clean water to kids across the world to help them get an education, and celebs like Jesse McCartney and China Anne McClain are joining the cause!pack to school china anne mcclain jesse mccartney

Jesse McCartney appears in a video explaining what Pack To School is all about. Learn even more at their website.

You might think of school as being filled with homework and tests, but school means a lot more than that. It gives you the chance to learn, grow and make new friends.

But 760 million people around the world don't have access to safe, clean drinking water. Kids sometimes have to walk for miles and miles everyday to gather water that isn't even clean, because they need it to survive.

So much of their time is spent collecting this water that there's no time for them to go to school. It prevents them from the educational opportunities that can give them a chance at a better life.

That's where The Thirst Project comes in. They build wells in communities to provide people with clean water right at home. They activate young people across the United States spread the cause, raise awareness and make a difference.

You can join in too! Help send a kid in need to school, whether they live in the United States or somewhere else in the world.

You can do this by hosting school supply drives at your school! For every backpack full of supplies that your school collects, sponsors will donate money to the Thirst Project that will go toward wells that will help kids have the time to go to school!

A full kit consists of brand new supplies including a backpack, a folder, a notebook, a pack of pencils and a pack of pens.

They'll distribute the kits to kids across the U.S. who need them most. Give the give of both water and education!

The school that collects the most complete kits wins a Jesse McCartney performance at their school, and the individual wins a massive vacation!

China Anne McClain also Tweeted to spread the word about this amazing cause.

"When kids don't have to walk to fetch water, they can go to school! Help @ThirstProject & @Contiki_US #PackToSchool" she wrote on Twitter.

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