What to Do If You Don't Get Along With a Partner on a Project

Back-to-school means an entirely new schedule, new teachers and new classmates.

While this can be a super exciting time of year it can also be a drag if you have a class with someone you aren't on the best terms with, or, even worse, get paired with said person on a class project. Argh.

Don't fret—even though your anxiety might be at an all time high, we've got some helpful tips on how to get through (and hopefully ace) your project with a breeze.


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Keep It Professional From the Start

Acting professional is an important life skill that will take you very far in years to come—trust us. How you approach the situation from the start is everything, so bite your tongue and let your partner know you mean business. Keep the conversation project related, friendly and enthusiastic, with a positive end result in mind, and chances are you'll be just fine.


Address the Awkwardness

Chances are your partner isn't thrilled to be with you, either. But unless your partner is a bully (in which case, you should definitely let your teacher know), be upfront and address the awkwardness right from the start. Be the bigger person and open up the dialogue with something that addresses that you know you have past issues, but suggest that you both put them aside for sake of the class. You never know, your problems might be a wash after the project is over and dare we even say you might make a new friend?


Delegate Efficiently

Spending extra time with someone you don't get along with sounds worse than nails on a chalkboard, so in order to minimize the time you have to spend together you need to focus on streamlining responsibilities. Start off by delegating tasks, outlining clear deadlines and only re-meeting once both of you have completed your portions.


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Meet in a Safe Space

Group projects tend to require at least a few outside classroom working sessions to complete the assignment, but if you're working with someone you don't get along with, meeting at either one of your houses could make the other feel even extra anxious. Instead, suggest doing your out-of-classroom work in a safe space like your local library, coffee shop or even after hours at school.


Don't Make It a Big Deal

You're stressed, we know, but the more you make it a big deal, the bigger deal it becomes. You can totally vent to your BFF or your family, but don't start telling everyone about how annoyed or irritated you are by your project partner because when it gets back to them (and we say when because it always does), it'll make the situation even more awkward and uncomfortable.


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