Palette by pak Cosmetic Containers Are Perfect for Travel OR Simplifying Your Skincare Routine

This Thanksgiving, I'll be going on my first vacation before the start of the pandemic. While I'll be preoccupied with booking flights, rental cars and hotels (as well as making sure I'm properly masked up) one thing I won'have to worry about is how to keep up my skincare routine while I'm away from home.

A lot of the time, that's a big hassle. Face mists, toners, serums, lotions and more come in bottles of all shapes and sizes, which is tricky when you're only bringing a carry-on and containers of liquids over 3 oz. are banned on planes. Most high-end brands don't make their products in convenient travel sizes, and finding and repurposing other containers just for the purpose of a one-week trip just isn't worth the hassle. Enter: Pallette by pak.

The brand makes compact and portable cosmetic containers just for this purpose, designed to eliminate waste and help you get the very most out of your favorite products on the go. When the brand reached out to see if I'd be interested in reviewing their products, I had to give them a try, and I can honestly say it won't just be a game-changer for travel, but for my daily routine, too.

The Brand

Palette by pak is designed to be the ultimate reusable and customizable beauty tool for travel and beyond. The Original High Fiver consists of five attached .17 oz. containers with their own individual lids, making for a compact but easy-to-use, one-stop-shop for all of your favorite makeup and skincare powders, creams, oils, gels, liquids and more.

That makes it perfect for travel. Whether your favorite products come in containers that are too large for planes or kept in fragile vessels that might get damaged during a flight, you can simply pour a little into the wells, screw on the caps, and not have to worry about a thing. They seal tightly, so you don't have to worry about leaks, and are made with medical-grade components. The wells themselves are also flexible, so you can press them to get out every last drop, and once you use up the product in one of the wells, you can simply wash it out and refill.

The Original High Fiver is also made partially out of recycled plastic. Its reusability keeps additional plastic out of landfills while preventing you from buying those tiny bottles of the products you already own. It also comes in a cardboard tube, which you can keep to carefully store your Original High Fiver, or recycle.

The Original High Fiver retails for $39 and is also available with the convenient Spatty x Palette cosmetic spatula for an additional $6.


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The Experience

While my big trip isn't for more than a month at this point, I decided it wasn't too early to start trying The Original High Fiver. I simply removed it (and the makeup spatula) out of their cardboard tube, unscrewed the black caps (labeled 1 through 5) and started filling it up with the products I use twice a day for my morning and night skincare routines.

I started by thinking about what I actually use on the daily. I decided to skip my first step, a mist (which wouldn't translate all that well to being scooped from a well) and instead filled the five wells with my favorite probiotic toner, lip balm, serum, face moisturizer and facial sunscreen. It only took a couple of minutes to get the wells filled, with most of the products pouring right out of the bottles, and the lip balm easily coming out of its container using the spatula as a scoop.


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Of course, just filling the Original High Fiver was just the start. When it came time to commence my skincare routine that night, I simply had to whip out my skin mist and the Original High Five and I was ready to go. For each step (minus the SPF, which I'd save for the morning), I simply had to unscrew the lids and use either my fingers or the provided spatula to apply each of my products, legitimately cutting the whole process in half. The spatula itself also works beautifully, with an applicator that's just the right size, and a handle that fits perfectly into the cardboard tube, making it easy to remove. I actually found this easier than operating the pumps on a couple of these products.


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And again, after my morning shower, it was just as handy and convenient. In the mornings I can be slightly groggy and forget the order of operations for my routine, so the fact that these are labeled in order makes the entire process a breeze. The Original High Fiver has actually made me stick more consistently to doing my full nightly routine because not having to take out and put back several bottles makes it all so much easier. While I like to keep it in its cardboard tube, it's also sturdy enough to keep outside of it and throw in your luggage, makeup bag or even purse. If I love it this much at home, I bet I'll adore it even more when the big travel day finally comes.


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Bottom Line

Palette by pak is a super handy tool that makes your beauty routine more convenient, whether you're just using it at home or bringing it with you on the go. I can imagine it's super handy for road trips, as well as air travel, and the fact that it easily puts all of your beauty favorites in one place and in order makes it something I see myself using for a long time. Of course, at $39 (or $45 with the spatula) it might be slightly pricey for some, especially since it's not a necessity—but that doesn't mean I love using it every day any less.


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