The Best Pampering Bath and Beauty Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Is there anything better than a present that gifts you with a little moment of bliss?

We think not, which is why we love bath goodies, skincare and more for the holidays—whether we're the ones giving or receiving. Just a little bit of self-care can go a long way, and here are some of our favorite soothing beauty gifts for the season.

Kitsch Body Dry Brush: $14

There are few routines we love more than dry brushing before a shower, and with this Kitsch Body Dry Brush from Patet, you can help anyone recreate a luxurious spa-like experience at home. Dry brushing doesn't just exfoliate the skin, but also promotes lymphatic drainage, making skin look healthier while boosting blood flow and making the user feel healthier, too.

Patet Body Dry Brush

(via Patet)


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Spongellé Morning Bloom Spongette: $12

We love starting out days with a hot shower to get us feeling clean and refreshed in the morning, and the right type of soap makes all the difference. Spongellé's offerings are unlike anything else we've seen, with wonderfully fragranced soaps built right into the center of the spongette to allow anyone to soap up effortlessly with the perfect amount of exfoliation. They have all kinds of lovely scents to choose from, but our favorite has to be Morning Bloom, with eucalyptus and woodsy notes coming together to lift the mind in an instant.

Spongellé Morning Bloom Spongette

(via Spongellé)


Mimaami Organics Natural Organic African Soap Bar: $10.50

For an all-natural approach to smelling amazing while nourishing skin, we recommend Mimaami Organics' Natural Organic African Soap Bar. This unique black bar of soap is completely plant-based, with a slightly rough texture to exfoliate and renew skin, while its soothing ingredients including cocoa butter and shea calm the skin and allow it to flourish. With a combination of rosemary, lavender, tea tree and sandalwood, it also smells incredible.

Mimaami Organics Natural Organic African Soap Bar

(via Mimaami Organics)


Ranavat Regenerative Complex Shampoo ($48) and Conditioner ($48)

Know someone who's always complaining about flat, rough hair? Change their shower routine with Ranavat's Regenerative Complex Shampoo and Conditioner. Made with Ayurvedic ingredients, this mighty duo is built to regenerate, nourish and repair hair with a combination of Ayurvedic pink lotus, hibiscus, amla and ashwagandha, and the results are worth every penny.

Ranavat Regenerative Complex Shampoo ($48) and Conditioner ($48)

(via Ranavat)


Shhhowercap The Basilica: $49

Of course, not every day is a hair-wash day. For those other times, there's this stunning The Basilica cap from Shhhowercap, made with special nano-tech fabric that actively repels water. While it's perfect for the shower, it's also cute enough to wear out and about to beach and pool outings where someone just can't afford to get their hair wet.

Shhhowercap The Basilica

(via Shhhowercap)


Unsubscribe No-Rinse Hairwash: $20.40

And for any touchups during those days between washes, there's Unsubscribe. This fabulous no-rinse hair wash comes in a small bottle and is a great alternative to dry shampoo, refreshing sweaty hair and making it look clean and voluminous without leaving any gunky residue behind. It's perfect for the gym-lovers in your life—and once you try it, you'll want to nab a bottle for yourself, too.

Unsubscribe No-Rinse Hairwash

(via Unsubscribe)


Maya J NYC Bracelet Hair Ties: $18

For the gal who always has to have her hair up, there are Maya J NYC's Bracelet Hair Ties. They're designed to look like stylish bracelets when worn on the wrist, but are actually hair ties in disguise, for those times they're needed most. The metal accents look especially cute in hair, and they come in sets of three with different designs for those who love to mix up their look.

Maya J NYC Bracelet Hair Ties

(via Maya J NYC)


The Organic Skin Co. Clean Slate Cleanser: $29.95

No skincare routine is complete without a great cleanser, and this one from The Organic Skin Co. is gentle enough for delicate skin while still being deeply cleansing. It's infused with antioxidants as well as AHAs to make skin look and feel great while unclogging pores and protecting the skin.

The Organic Skin Co.Clean Slate Cleanser

(via The Organic Skin Co.)


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pūrlisse Blue Lotus Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen: $45

It's important to protect skin from the sun every day, and lightweight, non-greasy SPF moisturizers are essential for every beauty counter. Right now, we can't get enough of this Blue Lotus Daily Moisturizer SPF from pūrlisse which moisturizes skin with vitamin E, blue lotus, white tea and more while blocking UVA and UVB rays and feeling amazing, with zero white cast.

pūrlisse Blue Lotus Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen

(via pūrlisse)


FanLoveBeauty The Best Lipcare Kit: $19.97

We don't know anyone who doesn't want soft, kissable lips, and The Best Lipcare Kit from FanLoveBeauty provides just that. It includes both a nourishing vegan lip balm and an exfoliator, which, used in tandem, work to moisturize and renew lips. The balm includes both almond butter to leave lips silky smooth and mandelic acid to aid exfoliation, leaving lips rosy and plumped in no time flat.

FanLoveBeauty The Best Lipcare Kit

(via FanLoveBeauty)


BLAQ Revital-Eyes Mask Bundle: $36

Know someone who's so busy they struggle to set aside time to apply sheet masks? Eye masks are the perfect practical solution, and this Revital-Eys Mask Bundle from BLAQ contains not one but two types of eye masks. The Hyaluronic Acid Bright Eyes patches plump the undereye area, while the Pumpkin Fresh Peepers help to reduce dark circles and fine lines.

BLAQ Revital-Eyes Mask Bundle

(via BLAQ)


Musely eGift Card: $80+

We know that not everyone will appreciate a gift card to help them combat their skin woes, but if you know someone who's been struggling with skincare and actively seeking solutions, Musely just might save the day. You can pick the amount to help them get access to an online dermatologist and get prescribed personalized medication to help them fix their specific skin issues, taking all the guesswork out of gifting.

Musely eGift Card

(via Musely)


TIRTIR Rosemary One Bundle: $69

For one mighty bundle that packs all kinds of benefits for skin, gift TIRTIR's Rosemary One Bundle, featuring a cream, essence and serum utilizing Jeju rosemary. This unique ingredient is picked by artisans and extracted to maximize antioxidant-packed goodness for skin, building up the skin barrier to ward against environmental factors and irritation. All three products are super hydrating, and they smell like a dream come true.

tirtir rosemary one bundle

(via TIRTIR)


Lapcos Pamper Variety Gift Set: $40

Here's one for the sheet mask fans out there. Lapcos is one of our go-to brands for all kinds of masks, and this Variety Gift Set contains 10 different options, not just for the face, but also the hair and hands. We love their approach to all-over pampering, and we know whoever you gift this to will love it, too.

Lapcos Pamper Variety Gift Set

(via Lapcos)


Aminnah Skincare Sugar Polish Mystery Box: $50

Aminnah's Sugar Polishes smell and feel as great as they look—and that's saying something. We're big fans of their Sugar Polish Mystery Box, which contains five random Sugar Polishes at a 50% discount, because there really isn't one in the lineup you wouldn't want. Their scents are wonderful, with silky, gentle exfoliation, while also hydrating skin with jojoba, shea butter, mango butter and more.

Amminah Skincare Sugar Polish Mystery Box

(via Aminnah Skincare)


Glaze-ish Birthday Cake Body Glaze: $14

Glaze-ish's Birthday Cake Body Glaze is perfect for anyone obsessed with dessert. It smells like sweet, buttery vanilla and feels like whipped cream on skin while going on even thicker than most body creams. It uses shea butter, avocado oil and jojoba oil to leave skin deeply moisturized, making it a treat for both the skin and the senses.

Glaze-ish Birthday Cake Body Glaze

(via Glaze-ish)


Hip Chic All About Moisturizing Hand Mask ($3.99) and Foot Mask: $3.99

Hand and feet masks are such an easy way to rejuvenate the body while pampering oneself, and Hip Chic's are both inexpensive and luxurious. They're basically gloves and socks filled with rich avocado oil and shea butter essence, so just wearing them makes skin like new. Even better, the hand masks are touch-screen compatible, so you won't have to keep anyone from their beloved phone during use.

Hip Chic Hip Chic All About Moisturizing Hand Mask and Foot Mask

(via Hip Chic)


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Naturally London The Gift of Exhale: $78

For a more classic, spa-like foot treatment, Naturally London's The Gift of Exhale set is here to save the day. It's a three-step treatment consisting of a foot soak, exfoliant and moisturizer designed to tackle dry and cracked feet, especially during the chilly winter months, and its lemongrass mint fragrance is the definition of relaxation.

Naturally London The Gift of Exhale

(via Naturally London)


ella+mila Dream Collection: $80

Once their hands and feet are silky soft, it's time to paint the nails! You can't go wrong gifting any of ella+mila's adorable sets, but their Dream Collection is especially cute with five sheer and five sparkly polishes each. As the name implies, they go on like a dream, and we also adore that these tones are so well-suited to the holiday season.

ella + mila Dream Collection

(via ella+mila)


Scratch 90210 Nail Wraps: $10

For those who aren't satisfied with plain colors on their nails, Scratch's Nail Wraps look incredible while being effortless to put on. They have so many options to choose from, but this banana leaf-covered 90210 print has our hearts.

Scratch 90210 Nail Wraps

(via Ulta Beauty)


AOA Self-Care Kit: $15

For a gift that includes a little bit of everything, for a great price, check out AOA's Self-Care Kit. It's designed for all kinds of emergencies, and in addition to sanitary pads, it includes a coconut cleansing water, foam cleanser, water sheet mask and stress-relieving hand exerciser, plus a bubble bar, bath bomb and inflatable travel/bath pillow for the tub.

AOA Self-Care Kit

(via Miss A)


fomin Refreshing Lavender: $7.99

Peace of mind is another important aspect of wellness, and in this day and age, it's more important than ever to keep hands squeaky clean. That's where fomin comes in. Each small pack contains 100 thin sheets that transform into a cleansing soap in water, making it easier than ever to sanitize hands on the go, without having to depend on soap restroom soap containers to be full—or lugging around heavy soaps. Packs are small enough to fit into pockets, and the scents are fabulous—particularly this Refreshing Lavender scent, with soothing, floral notes.

fomin refreshing lavender soap

(via fomin)



Rainy Day Boxes JUST BECAUSE: The Lite Box: $56

Rainy Day Boxes specializes in gifts for all kinds of occasions, good and bad, but our favorite item in the collection has to be their JUST BECAUSE: The Lite Box, which makes a great gift no matter what season. This box is packed with a peachy, floral soy candle, a vanilla-sandalwood shea butter soap, a cute rose quartz heart and a Sleeping Beauty pillow spray, making it the perfect little bundle for self-care.

RAiny Day Boxes JUST Because: The Lite Box

(via Rainy Day Boxes)


Laki Naturals Aloha Gift Set: $25.99

Give the bath-lover in your life the ultimate bathing experience with this Laki Naturals Aloha Gift Set. It consists of a Plumeria Body Scrub, with incredible exfoliating properties, and a Mermaid Kisses Epsom Bath Soak. Both are extra nourishing for the skin, while the Hawaiian scents in this collection relax and uplift the mind.

Laki Naturals Aloha Gift Set

(via Laki Naturals)


Pili Ani Self-Care Night Recovery Oil: $40

For winding down in the evening, a nighttime skincare routine can't be beat, and Pili Ani's Self-Care Night Recovery Oil is one of the best things to put on skin before bed. It's rich in antioxidants and super hydrating, and prevents breakouts and reduces redness overnight to leave skin plump, dewy and happy in the morning.

Pili Ani Self-Care Night Recovery Oil

(via Pili Ani)


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