28 Pampering Gifts Your Mom Will Love this Mother's Day

When it comes to pampering the mother figures who do it all for us, not any old gifts will do.

We really should be celebrating moms every day of the year, but Mother's Day gives us the perfect excuse to go all out. So, if your mom loves being treated right, we have some ideas for her. Whether she's into self-care, skincare or just plain old rest and relaxation, here's everything you'll want to get her for the special day.

Logan Hollowell Emerald Garden Candle: $42

One of the best ways to set the mood for a day of rest and relaxation is with a scented candle. There's just something so soothing about the flickering of a lit candle, and this one emulates the scent of a quiet herb garden with the fragrance of mint and basil—perfect for the mom who's over vanilla, fruit and flower scents.

Logan Hollowell Emerald Garden Candle

(via Logan Hollowell)


Melinda Lee Holm Energy Setting Spray: $48

If your mom is the spiritual type, gift her this innovative Energy Setting Spray from Melinda Lee Holm. It's designed to elevate vibrations within any room with a combination of frankincense, ginger and palo santo, while also opening you up to the wisdom of the universe.

Melinda Lee Holm Energy Setting Spray

(via Melinda Lee Holm)


Delysia Chocolatier Love You, Mom Truffle Set: $55.95

When it comes to any major holiday, we turn to Delysia Chocolatier for the most exquisitely themed truffle sets. Their "Love You, Mom" collection of truffles comes in four bold and fresh flavors that perfectly capture the essence of spring, with lemon curd and apricot, rose orange blossom, raspberry rose petal and spiced lemon earl grey fillings inside the chocolates. They're all spectacular—just make sure to order before May 3 to ensure it arrives before Mother's Day!

Delysisa Love You Mom Chocolate Box

(via Delysia Chocolatier)


Lenox Butterfly Meadow Melamine Hors D'oeuvres Tray: $24.95

And if you're going to present something delicious to your mom for Mother's Day, it might as well be on the cutest tray of all time. Not only is this little tray perfect for sharing a morning coffee and pastry, but beyond the holiday, it's a stunning hors d'oeuvres tray for special occasions.

Lenox Butterfly Meadow Hors Douvres Tray

(via Lenox)


Farmgirl Flowers a Fine Line Bouquet: $92

When it comes to Mother's Day flowers, we think it's important to gift something that doesn'look like you could have picked it up at the grocery store on the way home. Farmgirl Flowers always hits the mark with unusual yet gorgeous bouquets, and this peachy Fine Line Bouquet is truly unique.

Farmgirl Flowers a Fine Line bouquet

(via Farmgirl Flowers)


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Great Lakes Wellness Collagen Peptides: $29.99

This one may sound weird, but when your mom realizes that collagen supports everything from healthy joints to the youthful appearance of the skin, she'll definitely want to start taking it every day. Great Lakes Wellness and their Collagen Peptides mix has no flavor and will mix right into her favorite daily beverage for all kinds of great benefits, with zero work.

great lakes wellness daily wellness collage pepties

(via Great Lakes Wellness)


auraïha Naturally Luminous Mist and Set Spray: $19.99

Any great skincare routine includes a fantastic facial mist, and right now we're loving this Naturally Luminous Mist and Set Spray from auraïha. It includes papaya, witch hazel and betane to lock in natural moisture and make skin really glow, and can be used under or over makeup for long-term hydration.

Auraiha Naturally Luminous Mist and Set Spray

(via aurïha)


Aroha Oils Rani Soft Glow Face Serum: $77

A great serum is also essential for glowy, young-looking skin, and this one from Aroha Oils is designed specifically to reduce the signs of aging with organic vitamin C, Kashmiri saffron, blue lotus, red sandalwood and more.

Aroha Oils Rani Flowing Anti-aging Facial Serum

(via Aroha Oils)


Ranavat Detoxifying Facial Massage Tool: $70

No one likes a puffy face, and that's where this massage tool from Ranavat comes in. It's made with a combination of copper and tin to balance the skin's PH, calming irritation and redness while softening fine lines and stimulating energy flow in the face for a fabulous glow.

Ranavat Facial Massage Tool

(via Ranavat)


glowoasis Probiotics + Triple Peptide Refreshing Eye Cream: $48

Many tired moms are no stranger to bags under the eyes, but this eye cream from glowoasis is here to fix that. It uses triple peptide, vitamin C, niacinamide and xylitol to hydrate the undereye area, reducing lines as well as darkness for eyes that look fresh and energized.

glowoasis probiotics triple peptide refreshing eye cream

(via glowoasis)


Atma Botanica Shower Steamer Gift Box: $39.99

Many moms don't have time to take luxurious baths these days, which is why we love these shower steamers from Atma Botanica. When they're placed in the shower, the running water activates them and releases their delicious and harmonious scents, bringing bath bomb-like fun to the shower without the time suck.

Atma Botanica Steamer gift box

(via Atma Botanica)


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Raw Sugar Living Moisture Loving Body Wash: $7.99

Not all body washes are made equal, and if your mom is looking for something that smells amazing without stripping skin, have her try Raw Sugar Living's Moisture Loving Body Wash. It's ultra-hydrating with plant-derived formula—and this one smells like refreshing watermelon and mint.

Raw Sugar Living moisture loving body wash

(via Raw Sugar Living)


Clean Rebellion I Am a Gift Set: $70

Of, if your mom is on the hunt for a more minimalistic body wash, Clean Rebellion might be the perfect fit. These soaps are made from only the simplest ingredients—water, saponified organic olive oil, and in the case of the scented varieties, lemongrass or grapefruit essential oil. They get the job done without any of the junk and will make any mom feel clean in more ways than one.

Clean Rebellion I Am.a Gift

(via Clean Rebellion)


Cleanlogic Bath & Body Exfoliating Body Gloves: $9

Exfoliation is an amazing way to buff away dead or damaged skin, and we love these Bath & Body Exfoliating Body Gloves from Cleanlogic. They're effective, yet gentle, restoring the skin's natural glow and helping with lymphatic drainage and smoother skin. Plus, the process is super satisfying.

cleanlogic exfoliating body gloves

(via Cleanlogic)


Kari Gran Naked Lip Whip: $21

Kari Gran makes all kinds of super hydrating products, but right now, we're obsessing over their Naked Lip Whip—and we think your mom will, too. It's made with organic camellia and calendula oils to be ultra-moisturizing, and the clear balm goes on shiny with a hint of peppermint.

Kari Gran Naked Lip Whip

(via Kari Gran)


Grande Cosmetics Lash Envy AM & PM Set: $26

Who isn'on the market for gorgeously enviable lashes? This Lash Envy AM & PM set from Grande Cosmetics includes a lash-enhancing serum, as well as serum-infused liquid eyeliner, to give mom the best-looking natural lashes around.

grande cosmetisc lash ency am and pm set

(via Grande Cosmetics)


Hush & Hush DeeplyRooted: $75

If your mom loves having great hair, why not give her a boost by helping her take care of it from the source? Hush & Hush's DeeplyRooted vitamin formula is clinically proven to enhance hair growth with a unique blend of powerful vitamins, minerals and botanicals, making hair fuller, thicker and stronger.


Hush and Hush deeplyrooted

(via Hush & Hush)


cuvée beauty Triple Threat: $75

Is there anything that sounds more pampering than a champagne treatment for the hair? cuvée beauty is all about their champagne-infused products, and their Triple Threat bundle includes not just a shampoo and conditioner, but also the brand's Champagne Spray, which all work to cleanse and exfoliate without stripping the scalp.

Cuvee Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner

(via cuvée)


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Davroe Fortitude Split Ends Therapy Balm:$29.95

You can also help mom say goodbye to split ends with this miracle balm from Davroe. It uses wild orange and white cypress extracts to repair fragile ends and strengthen hair, and it starts working its magic after a single use.

Davroe Split Ends Therapy Balm

(via Davroe)


Heatless Hair Curling Kit: $48

Not all moms are up on their TikTok sock-curling tutorials, and we think Heatless Hair's Curling Kit gets the job done even better, with more consistent results. This kit includes the curling ribbon, a gummy hair clip and two huge scrunchies for effortless, heatless curls.

heatless hair curling kit

(via Heatless Hair)


Act + Acre Cold Pressed Hair Oil: $48

But if your mom is going to use heat on her hair, she needs to protect it, and Act + Acre's Cold Pressed Hair Oil isn't just a great heat protectant, but also a healing oil for dry, damaged hair. With a combination of argan oil, meadowfoam seed oil and squalene, it really works doubletime.

Act + Acre Cold Pressed Hair Oil

(via Act + Acre)


TO112 Sea Salt Spray: $42

And for the moms who love that breezy, beachy look—even if there isn't a beach for miles around—she needs to try TO112's Sea Salt Spray. It strengthens and hydrates hair with tamanu oil, argan oil and jojoba seed oil while using real sea salt for hold, texture and volume.

TO112 sea salt serum

(via TO112)


Lapcos Lifting Booty Mask ($7), Calming Bikini Mask ($7) and Body Mask Variety Pack ($20)

We love that masks aren't just for faces anymore, and we think most moms will appreciate these masks for the butt, bikini area, hands, feet and hair. They're all easy-to-use sheet masks that nourish skin with great ingredients that smooth, soothe and moisturize all over. After using this set, she's going to look like a million bucks from head to toe.

Lapcos Booty Mask Bikini Mask Body Mask Varietya

(via Lapcos)


Voesh Peeling Socks: $20

Sandal season is rapidly approaching, but some moms can be a little embarrassed by their calloused or rough-looking heels. Voesh's Peeling Socks are designed to remedy just that, with a unique acid formula that causes excess skin to shed about a week after use. The initial results can be kind of wild, but the result is smooth and flawless-looking feet.

Voesh peeling socks

(via Voesh)


Gwyneth Paltrow x Copper Fit Energy Compression Socks: $14.99

And while we're focused on mom's feet, we also have to recommend these incredible Energy Compression Socks from Copper Fit. Not only do they have a sleek and stylish design, but they also reduce swelling, increase circulation and improve foot comfort, with copper technology to reduce odors.

gwyneth paltrow copper fit energy socks

(via Gwyneth Paltrow)


Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask ($34) and Weighted Blanket ($88)

For a ton of extra coziness at bedtime, we have to recommend Nodpod's Weighted Sleep Masks and Weighted Blankets. Both come in lots of cute colors, but what's really special about them is how they make you feel. Weighted blankets are ultra-relaxing and can even help induce sleep, and the blanket is small, making it portable for use in bed, on the couch or even at mom's desk. You can also get 15% off your order if you use the discount code "sleepysweety" before May 31!

NodPod Eye Blanket and Weighted Blanket

(via Nodpod)


LILYSILK 19 Momme Terse Envelope Silk Pillowcase: $22

Pillowcases are an important but often forgotten element when it comes to great sleep, as well as taking care of skin, and silk pillowcases are the best of the best. This one from LILYSILK is made from 100% mulberry silk, making it breathable and skin-friendly. Not only can it help with skin irritation, but it also leaves both skin and hair feeling extra hydrated in the morning.

LILYSILK momme terse envelope silk pillowcase



RealSleep: $79.99 (or $39.99 with a monthly subscription)

And if weighted blankets aren't enough to help mom get to sleep, she might need something a little stronger to help. RealSleep makes sleep supplements with ingredients personalized for every user through a 90-second quiz, and they really work.

Real Sleep formula pills

(via Real Sleep)


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