Mother's Day Gifts That Are Perfect for Moms Who NEED Some Pampering

Our moms do a whole lot for us.

They truly deserve some time to sit back, relax and enjoy a day of self care. And what better time for a treat yo'self moment than Mother's Day?

Keep scrolling for eight Mother's Day gifts perfect for moms who could use some pampering.

This Works' the big sleep ($70)

Like most mothers, your mom probably struggles to get a good night's sleep. Well, the big sleep kit from This Works solves that problem. The kit includes a Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, a Deep Sleep Bath Soak and a Deep Sleep Night Oil, all of which—you guessed it—promote sleep. It supplies your mom with a luxurious nighttime routine she's sure to fall in love with and it pushes her toward that restful night she's been waiting for. The gift of sleep—there really isn't a better Mother's Day present.

this work the big sleep kit

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Birds + Roses' Rose Quartz Hydrating + Firming Face Mask ($98

Effective self-care requires high-quality products that actually work. While this mask might be up there price-wise, it's definitely worth it for the skin-loving ingredients and luxurious feel. The crystal-infused mixture firms the skin, minimizes pores, calms inflammation and generally turns back the clock to give your mom the youthful skin she's been dreaming of. If you're lucky, she might even let you try it out, too. 

Birds and Roses Rose Quartz Hydrating Mask

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Plant Apothecary's Super Soak Organic Healing Bath ($32)

While you might love diving into a tub full of bubbles, your mom needs something a little more functional. The Super Soak Organic Healing Bath is the perfect mixture to ease her aching muscles after a long day. Formulated with sea salt, mustard and eucalyptus essential oil, this remedy soothes the body and promotes gentle pain relief. It's a luxurious, relaxing bath time essential with a useful purpose. In other words, your mom might actually use this one.

Plant Apothecary Super Soak Healing Bath

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Snailax's Full Body Massage Mat ($70)

After your mom steps out of the tub, she can step right onto the massage table with this full body massage mat. It has 5 massage modes and a soothing heat function to bring effortless relaxation to the entire body. Plus, your mom can cart it all over the house, promising full comfort every time she sits down.

Snailax Full Body Massage Mat

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Terry Velour Robe ($89)

Any effective day of pampering requires a cozy, plush robe that will make your mom feel like the queen she is. Enter: this Terry Velour Robe from Nordstrom. The incredibly soft fabric will make your mom feel like she's wrapped in a high-end blanket. Who needs clothes when you can just settle into this lavish material?

Terry Velour Robe from Nordstrom

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YENSA's Tone Up Primer + BC Foundation Duo ($50)

Why would you let your precious mom settle for normal foundation? Instead, invest in this primer and foundation duo that's formulated with superfoods to improve the skin while blurring all kinds of imperfections. The foundation combines BB, CC & medium to full coverage foundation cream into one genius product that looks totally natural on skin. It's a foundation that will make your mom feel pampered every single day—what could be better than that?


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Virtue's Refresh Dry Shampoo ($32)

Showering every day can be rough on your poor hair. However, just leaving your tresses to build up oil and dirt can be equally as frustrating. Give your mom the gift of healthy hair with the Refresh Dry Shampoo. The super-light formula rids your hair of build-up and enhances the health of the whole scalp. Basically, your mom's hair can always look on-point, no matter how many days it's a been since she washed it.


(via Virtue Labs)


The Five Minute Journal ($23)

Self care takes a different form for everyone. While sometimes it's engaging in a full spa day and forgetting about the rest of the world, other times your mom might just need a few minutes a day for herself. The Five Minute Journal is the perfect self care gift for the mom who can't seem to ever slow down. Using the science of positive psychology, it helps your mom to take stock her mental well-being and her emotional state. More importantly, it gives her five minutes a day just for herself—a gift she's sure to be thankful for.

The Five Minute Journal

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