Pamper Yourself With These Cozy and Soothing Products This National Comfy Day

National Comfy Day is this Sunday, Feb. 20, and if you're anything like us, you're going to use the long weekend to relax and treat yourself right.

So, whether you already have a ritual in place for pampering yourself and would love to add a new goodie or two to your arsenal, or you're starting from scratch in creating the ultimate self-care experience, keep scrolling to discover the comfy products we're loving this year.

Atma Botanica Shower Steamer Gift Box: $39.99

If you start your days with a nice, steamy shower, you're missing out if you haven't incorporated shower steamers into your ritual yet. These fizzies are infused with essential oils, which are released during the shower to allow users to enjoy all kinds of aromatherapeutic benefits. Whether you need an inspirational pick-me-up or just want to relax, there's a scent for every need, and you'll love how each and every one smells.

Atma Botanica Steamer gift box

(via Atma Botanica)


Besoma EGF Glow Mask: $45 for 10

Did you know that sheet masks are extra effective after a shower, once your pores have been opened up by steam? We recommend throwing on one of these babies from Besoma after your cleanse for all kinds of benefits. They're packed with special proteins for cell regrowth, renewal and repair, leaving your skin positively glowing. We also love that these masks come in sets of 10, because once you try one, you'll want to do a mask once or twice a week forever.

Besoma Glow MAsk

(via Besoma)


The Organic Skin Co. The Good Oil: $34.95

On the days you're not moisturizing deeply with a sheet mask, you'll still want to keep your skin rejuvenated and glowing, and The Organic Skin Co.'s The Good Oil is just the thing. It includes CO2-extracted turmeric, honeysuckle, calendula and rosemary to soothe skin, reduce breakouts and heal stressed skin, while smelling like spiced honeysuckle. Just a couple of drops will keep your face ridiculously hydrated.

The Organic Skin Co Good Oil

(via The Organic Skin Co.)


Lapcos Body Mark Variety Pack: $20

And masks aren't just for the face! At the moment, we're obsessed with this three-mask set from Lapcos, which includes a minty mask for the feet, a coconut mask for the hands and a camellia flower mask for the hair. Each one is so moisturizing and beautifully scented—and though we recommend taking a mental break while you utilize the hand mask, you should also know you can still totally swipe on your phone while wearing the gloves if need be.

Lapcos Body MAsk variety pack

(via Lapcos)


Butter & Me Butter Melt Lotion Bar Bundle: $55

For all the parts of your body that don'get a mask, there are Butter & Me's Butter Melt Lotion Bars. Formulated with kokum butter, candelilla wax, sunflower oil and avocado oil, they're designed to tackle dry skin in a way that normal body lotions simply don't. Plus, in "Happy," "Calm" and "Lovely" scents,  they'll leave you smelling and feeling amazing.

Butter and Me Melt Lotion Bars

(via Butter & Me)


Actsyl Detangling Brush ($7.99) and Active Conditioning Mist ($17.99)

If your hair can use a little bit of extra love, we recommend the combination of Actsyl's Active Conditioning Mist and their Detangling Brush. The brush is appropriate for both dry and wet hair, with no pulling, so spray the conditioning mist liberally and wait a minute or two before brushing through for smooth, tangle-free hair in no time.

Actsyl Hairbrush and detangling mist

(via Actsyl)


Attitude Super Leaves Science White Tea Leaves Deodorant: $10.95 

When you think "comfy," deodorant may not immediately come to mind, but is there anything more uncomfortable than knowing you stink, and not being able to do anything about it? We particularly love this Attitude Super Leaves Science deodorant in White Tea Leaves because it's natural and completely plastic-free, but works as hard as a typical deodorant. The smell is so fresh and rejuvenating, and we've been wearing it now for months.

Attitude Super Leaves Science

(via Attitude)


Cariloha Bamboo Racerback Tank ($42) and Women's Bamboo Jogger ($89)

When it comes to comfy clothing, Cariloha has recently become one of our favorite brands thanks to its eco-friendly, soft and super breathable bamboo items. We adore their Bamboo Racerback Tank and Bamboo Joggers together because they're perfect for both lounging around the house and going out to run errands.

Cariloha Racerback and Joggers

(via Cariloha)


L'Oeuf Poché Baseline Multifunctional Top: $130

If you're looking to dress things up a little, try L'Ouef Poché's unique Baseline Multifunctional Top. This wrap pullover is available in both white and navy and can be worn with its drape cross-over in the front for an open neckline, or in the back for a bold open-back detail. Both tops also come with a white tank and are made with a unique moisture-wicking material, so you'll feel fresh and cool wherever you go.

L'oouf Poché multifunctional top

(via L'Oeuf Poché)


Vintage Foundry Women's Jeanette Booty: $129 

The perfect fashionable-yet-cozy outfit also requires shoes to match, and we can't recommend these Jeanette Booties from Vintage Foundry enough. They're surprisingly comfortable, with little to no break-in time, and have real leather on the outside and faux fur on the inside. Zip the boots halfway to show off the awesome fur detailing, or zip them all the way up for a different feel.

Vintage Foundry Jeanette Booties

(via Vintage Foundry)


Pursoma Digital Detox SLEEP Bath Soak ($9.99) and Digital Detox SLEEP Oil ($11.99)

What's better after a long, cozy day in, than a relaxing bath? This special bath soak from Pursoma, made with lavender, vanilla and French sea salt, is designed specifically to help us all detox after staring at screens all day—which we can be quite guilty of. Plus, after you soak in the lusciously scented bath, you can slather your body in the Digital Detox SLEEP Oil. With its lavender and vanilla scent, it'll make you smell like a dessert and help you enjoy the very sweetest of dreams.

Pursoma digital detox sleep collection

(via Ulta)


Lonely Ghost Checkered Blanket: $139 

After we take a hot bath, we like to snuggle up under our warmest, softest blanket. Right now, that's the Lonely Ghost Checkered Blanket. Not only is the pattern on the blanket bold and impossible to miss, but it has the plushest texture. One touch and you'll want to be under it 24/7.

Lonely Ghost checkered blanket

(via Lonely Ghost)


Honeydew Sleep The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow: $99

The perfect pillow is another naptime essential, and no one does it better than Honeydew Sleep. As side sleepers, we've found their Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow to be a life-saver. They support the head and neck, no matter what position you're in, while staying cool and comfortable all night.

Honeydew Sleep Scrumptious Side Sleeper pillow

(via Honeydew Sleep)


Take Care Wellness Pillow Spray Sampler: $30

And if you want to enhance your blanket and pillow even further, mist them with a bit of Take Care Wellness Pillow Spray before you doze. These sprays were all formulated specifically to help lull you to sleep with incredible scent blends such as Chamomile + Vetiver, Ylang Ylang + Frankincense and Jasmine + Clary Sage. Try them all to find out which one helps you fall asleep fastest.

Take Care Wellness Pillow Spray

(via Take Care Wellness)


Want to take self-care to the next level? Click HERE to learn about Sea Witch Botanicals, another great brand focused on enhancing all of your self-care rituals.