Pan To Reveal Origin Stories Of Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

The upcoming action fantasy adventure Pan promises to tell a side of the Peter Pan story we've never heard before, and the visually stunning new trailer leaves us begging to see more!pan movie trailer hugh jackman levi miller

In the new Warner Bros. film, we learn that Peter's mother was forced to abandon him as a baby. He grows up in a strict and dingy orphanage, until one night the boys are kidnapped by pirates aboard a flying ship!

The evil pirate captain Blackbeard brings the boys to Neverland, where Peter encounters a world full of magic as well as villains and danger around every turn. 

There, he befriends James Hook, the future Captain Hook. The story will reveal how their relationship developed into the rivalry we know from the Peter Pan stories we know and love!

Pan stars Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard, Garrett Hedlund as Hook and newcomer Levi Miller as Peter Pan. We even spotted Cara Delevigne in the trailer as a mermaid!

The film releases across the country on July 17, 2015. Comment with your thoughts on the new trailer below and in our community at Sweety High!