Pants On Fire Coming To Disney XD This Year!

An upcoming Disney XD film called Pants On Fire has been green lit, and starts shooting in Vancouver this month!Pants On Fire Disney Channel

Pants On Fire will star Bradley Steven Perry of Good Luck Charlie and Mighty Med fame as a 15-year-old named Jack Parker with a bit of a lying streak.

One day, Jack makes up a friend named Mikey. Jack says his fictional friend is his tutor, and uses Mikey as an excuse to forgo chores and homework, and get into a ton of trouble!

Jack's plan works perfectly, until one day, Mikey, played by Lab Rats star Tyrel Jackson Williams, becomes a real person! But Mikey isn't the only one of Jack's lies to come true!

Suddenly, all of Jack's lies come to life! Not only does he have to deal with Mikey, but also his made-up overly attached girlfriend, plus a couple of extra terrestrials who are out to get him!

Pants On Fire will air on Disney XD later this year. We can't wait to see the hilarious story come to life on the small screen!

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