11 Surprising Facts About Every Witch Way's Paola Andino

The season finale of Every Witch Way season 3 airs tonight on Nickelodeon, and we got to speak with star Paola Andino, who plays witch Emma Alonso, to find out all about what happens next.Paola Andino talks about season 3 of Every Witch Way

We also asked Paola to reveal 11 things about herself that you never knew. Check the list out here and scroll to the bottom of the page for what she had to say about Every Witch Way!

Every Witch Way's Paola Andino shares 11 things you never knew about her

1. What makeup product could you not live without?

I always use Benefit "They're Real!" mascara. I feel like if your skin is nice and clean and your eyebrows look good, all you need is a little bit of mascara and you're good to go.

2. What's your go-to accessory?

A good pair of earrings. I know it's really simple, but I have some stud earrings that add a little extra to my look. I don't like having too much on my hands or my wrists but I switch it up between earrings and rings. 

3. If someone reached into your purse right now, what's the strangest thing they would find?

I guess water bottles. That's not too weird, but I'm kind of a water bottle hoarder. If I have to clean my room, I end up with this collection of empty water bottles.

4. What's the best piece of advice you ever got?

"The things you strive for are going to be a marathon, not a sprint. It means you have to be patient, keep up what you're doing and work hard, because things will come to you in due time. 

5. What's the last movie you watched with your mom?

I actually watch lots of movies with my mom, that's our nightly routine. The last one was The Help with Emma Stone.

6. What's your astrological sign and what does it say about you?

I'm an Aries. I'm a pretty strong individual. My mom isn't an Aries, but I get that from her. I'm actually really sensitive too, I have that mix.

7. Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes

My favorite pair of shoes are my black Doc Martens. I wear them with everything, and I feel I can dress them up a bit because they're the shiny ones, but I just love wearing them with jeans and flannels as well. I got them because they're the original ones and they go with everything because they're black.

8. What's your guilty pleasure movie?

Frozen. Or any other of those animated movies. Movies like Frozen and Tangled are all so adorable.

9. What 5 songs would be on the playlist of a movie about your life?

  • For the times I'll be crushing on someone or finding true love someday: "fallingforyou" by The 1975
  • When I'm feeling confident, sassy, and working hard to reach my goals: "BO$$" by Fifth Harmony
  • To describe the relaxing, lazy days I enjoy at home with my family and chihuahuas: "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson
  • Because I want to travel the world: "Wanderlust" by The Weeknd
  • This song reminds me that quality is greater than quantity when it comes to the amazing people I'm surrounded by: "A World Alone" by Lorde

10. If calories didn't count, what dream meal would you want to eat right this minute?

An appetizer would be cheese fries, the entree would be pizza and the dessert would be chocolate chip cookies a la mode.

11. What's your weirdest phobia?

Roller coasters. I guess a lot of people have a fear of roller coasters, but I'm scared because I have a sensitive stomach and I really don't like getting sick at all, so I'm afraid I'll get sick on the roller coaster or fly off or something. That would not be cool.

Paola Andino talks about Every Witch Way season 3

What's new in season 3, and what's happening in tonight's episode?

With the introduction of Mia, fans meet a girl Kanay, which they've never seen before. The love triangle from before changed into a love square between Emma, Daniel, Jax and and Mia, so there's a lot of new drama. 

Tonight, you can expect a showdown between Kanays and witches. There are also going to be lots of zombies and of course tons of pranks. The finale is completely unexpected. Fans will even get to see if Emma ended up choosing Team Jax or Team Daniel!

How has your character, developed, since season one?

Emma has changed a lot. She's grown up, not just as a person but as a witch and as the Chosen One. She's in a great position of power and she's had to deal with that for quite some time now. She's gotten better at it, but this season she's become a bit defiant. She's not going about things the right way but she's just trying to help out her family and friends.

In last night's episode she turned Phillip, Andi's love interest, into a real boy when he was a zombie. That's going to have some consequences to it and I'm excited for fans to see how she deals with that.

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