Paola Andino Talks "Every Witch Way" Season 2!

16-year-old actress Paola Andino stars as teen witch Emma Alonso on the hit Nickelodeon series, Every Witch Way. The new season debuts tonight!Paola Andino Every Witch Way Season 2

We recently caught up with Paola, to discuss everything new in season 2 of the series!

After the success of the first season of Every Witch Way, which aired in January, season 2 filmed from March to the end of June.

"I'm just so happy for the fans to see the final product and to just sit down and see all the magic happen this month," she said.

In season 2, Emma faces a lot of new challenges when the fate of the Magical Realm is put in her hands!

"Emma has grown so much, not just as a witch but as a person, too," Paola explained. "Now that she realizes that she's the Chosen One, she has a lot more responsibility on her hands, and she has to protect the Magical Realm and keep it a secret from basically the entire world."

Despite all of this, Emma stays grounded, Paola said. She does her best to never allow her newfound power get the best of her.

"She's still that sweet, honest, great friend that she's always been, but now she just is a little bit more mature with her powers and in school, since her dad is now the principal," she said.

But a cute and mysterious new kid at school, Jax, might change all of that!

"Jax is not only the new bad boy at school, but he's also a wizard," Paola said. "He's a little bit flirty with Emma, so she has to watch out and be careful that she doesn't try any spell that she wouldn't normally try before she met him. That might get her into a little bit of trouble."

The budding friendship with Jax might also threaten Emma's relationship with her boyfriend, Daniel, who isn't a big fan of magic.

"In life in general, but particularly in high school, whenever there's a relationship and a cute new guy comes along, there's bound to be a little bit of tension," Paola said. "It creates some drama between them, because Daniel gets a little bit jealous, and Emma kind of has a connection with the new guy."

In season 2 of Every Witch Way, Emma and Daniel will really have to work on their relationship!

"Emma and Daniel have to stay strong, but they've also got all these other crazy things going on with the magic and the spells, so things might get in their way," Paola said.

Adding to that craziness is an event called the Fool Moon, which transpires once every 20 years.

"It has these crazy effects on witches and wizards, so that's what this season revolves around," Paola said. "It makes Emma a little bit different and shows the audience a side of her that they've never seen before. It'll be hilarious to see what she gets herself into."

Paola also teased that three new characters will add even more madness into the mix.

"When the audience meets them, they'll know exactly who they are because they were talked about a lot in the first season," she said.

Unlike many other shows on Nickelodeon, on Every Witch Way, a new episode airs Monday to Friday every night for a month!

"The fans really seem to like it because the show has a continuous story line," Paola explained. "The episodes end in a cliffhanger and the audience is left wanting to see more. Because it airs five days a week instead of once a week, they're not left for such a long amount of time wanting to see what happens next."

However, this special format does leave diehard fans dreading the end of the week!

"When the weekend comes along, they're like, 'No! We'll have to wait until Monday!'" Paola said. "It's really sweet how they're so excited and they don't want to wait even just one weekend."

For her work on Every Witch Way, Paola was also nominated for an Imagen Award for best young actress in a television show!

"The Imagen Foundation aims to recognize and reward the positive portrayal of Latinos in all forms of media, and I'm very honored to be nominated because it recognizes my Puerto Rican roots," she said. "It also makes me feel like I'm taking the right steps towards being a role model for other other young Latinas. I've always wanted to be a really good role model, not only for young girls but also Latinas who can identify themselves with me."

Every Witch Way is also nominated for an Imagen Award for best children's programming!

Paola urged those who don't already watch Every Witch Way to check it out for themselves.

"The magic is incredible and the messes that the characters get into are hilarious and fun on their own," she said. "The show also has such a wide variety of characters, and everyone can identify themselves with somebody."

And even though the series revolves around magic, Paola said that the mischief characters get themselves into should be extremely relatable to middle school and high school students.

"It's great for an audience to see that they aren't the only ones going through sometimes difficult situations," she said. "These characters who are dealing with this crazy world of magic also go through the same things."

Paola added that she absolutely cannot wait to unveil the new season of the show for the fans tonight.

"The fans were so incredibly supportive and I'm so thankful to have them," she said. "They have always been so interactive on Twitter and Instagram and they make these amazing edits and photo colleges. I was really taken back by all the support."

She said she absolutely cannot wait to hear fans' reactions to season 2, and talk to them as they discover how the characters grow throughout the new season.

"I want to give a huge thank you to all of the fans," she said. "I'm so excited for them to see the new season. Thank you for always supporting us, and for loving the magic!"

The first episode of season 2 airs tonight (July 7) on Nickelodeon, so don't miss it!

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