Nat and Alex Wolff Should Have Had More Music In "Paper Towns"

If you saw Paper Towns over the weekend, there's no denying that you're now in love with star Nat Wolff. Not only does he do a flawless job as Quentin, but Nat and his brother, Alex, have an amazing song called "Look Outside" on the soundtrack. Here are a few more Nat and Alex Wolff tracks that definitely should have been in Paper Towns.

This nerd version of "Don't Stop Believin'" from Alex and Nat's Naked Brothers Band days is almost 7 years old, but it's so weird and beautiful it should be in everything.

This classic Alex drum solo could have been the perfect backdrop to one of Margo and Q's missions. Just think about it.

If you were writing a song about Margo, you could not choose a better title than "Mystery Girl." Maybe Nat and Alex could predict Paper Towns in their future? 

"Face In the Hall" could totally set the tone at the beginning of the movie, before Margo and Q reconnect. The lyrics are on point.

"Maybe" is about admiring someone from afar and never quite being able to let them know how you feel. Sound like anyone who also happens to be the main character in Paper Towns?

And last but not least, "Greatest Prize" needs to be on there because it's one of the most beautiful love songs ever written, ever.

Which Alex and Nat song do you think should have been on the Paper Towns soundtrack? Any other music the movie was missing? Let us know in the comments!