Every Witch Way's Paris Smith Dishes On Dream Magic Powers!

Paris Smith stars as the witch Maddie Van Pelt on Nickelodeon's Every Witch Way, which is currently in its third season! We asked Paris which magical powers she would use if she had them for real!paris-smith-witch-interview

"I definitely wish I was a witch in real life," she told us. "I would love to teletransport, because I could be in Paris, France one day and then be like 'Oh, I want to go to Rome!' and be in Rome. And then go back home."

She'd also use her powers to go on the best shipping sprees ever!

"I think online shopping is great and I love shopping, but sometimes you just get so tired after hours and hours and hours of walking around and trying to find stuff," she said. "I just think that if you see something you like, you should make it appear, and there you have it. It's free and you don't have to do any work or go through any hassle."

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