AB6IX's PARK WOOJIN on Going Solo with 'Self Portrait' and His Upcoming Debut EP, oWn

PARK WOOJIN may be best known for his work as the main rapper in K-pop group AB6IX, but with his stunning new solo music, he's also showing us what he's capable of on his own.

Last week, he dropped the dreamy single "Self Portrait," a stripped-back piano ballad featuring KIM JAE HWAN that compares the process of living life to the uncertain steps of painting, correcting and repainting a self-portrait. It's a first taste off his upcoming debut EP, oWn, releasing on Feb. 27, and if the track is any indication, it's going to be spectacular. Ahead of the big release, we got the chance to chat with the star about going solo and what lies ahead, and he shared it all with us in the interview below.

The Story Behind 'Self Portrait'

PARK WOOJIN: I wrote this song looking back at myself at that time when was going through a hard time and overthought about things.


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What 'Self Portrait' Means

PW: I expressed what I feel in the lyrics, but it is also a topic that many people can relate to, so I hope you will sympathize with it.

PARK WOOJIN of AB6IX in purple grey suit against orange background

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On Going Solo

PW: I think "Self Portrait" means a challenge. This song expresses my own emotional side, and I wanted to empower whoever is working for his or her dream. I think it's time to show what I've worked on, and I think of it as a new start.

PARK WOOJIN of AB6IX in blue grey suit

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On oWn

PW: I worked on all the songs in the album thinking that they were title tracks. Please enjoy my first solo album, oWn. I will become a singer who always reciprocates. Thank you.

PARK WOOJIN of AB6IX in velvet suit

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