These Adorable Party Favors for Teens Will Take Your Celebrations to the Next Level

So, you're hosting a party.

Whether it's a long-awaited birthday party, Halloween get-together or a summer pool splash bash, nothing adds an extra touch to the whole thing quite like a good party favor. Whether you make goodie bags for your guests  to enjoy as they arrive (or leave), or simply leave a bowl of these treats by the door for attendees to take, some simple items that will impress everyone that comes through. With that said, here are some of the best party favors for teens:

1. Mini Photo Prints

If you have an Instax camera (or a device that will print photos from your phone out in the same size), parties are the perfect time to use it. Take photos with your guests throughout the event, then give them a print when they leave as a great little favor to remember the party by.

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2. Cute Hand Sanitizers

After the last couple of years, who couldn'use some extra hand sanitizer? This is a perfect party favor for teens especially, as they can take it with them to class or just to clean up before breaking into all the party snacks that are at the ready.


3. Solo Snack Bags

Speaking of snacks (and keeping everyone's hands out of communal snack bowls, if you want to be a little extra germ-safe), why not pack up some of your guests' favorites and have them ready as a party favor? You could pick up the mini bags of some pantry staples that everyone loves, but you'll win some extra points if you pack up individualized bags customized for each guest with their name on it. Of course, this only works if you know everyone's favorite snacks, but it's definitely worth the effort.


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4. DIY T-Shirts

Pick up some cheap T-shirts in everyone's preferred sizes and get ready to get creative. You could go with a classic tie-dye pattern, or go a little more modern with a bleach-dye, but the end result is really up to you. If T-shirts aren't really your or your guests' favorites, try some cotton or cloth tote bags instead!


5. Pack-a-Bag Candy Bar

In cute containers, place some of your favorite candies. Then, have scoops at the ready as well as little baggies for guests to put their candy in. It's a small gesture, but the individualization makes it so much more fun for teens. It doesn't have to be anything too pricey, either—a few good mix bags from your nearest Target will do. Just be sure to provide a good assortment, and enough that each person can customize their own bag to take home.

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6. Water Bottles

Keep everyone hydrated and promote sustainability with this perfect party favor for teens. There are tons of sites that will let you create custom bottles with the name of each guest, but you could also pick some up in everyone's favorite colors from your local Dollar Tree if you're trying to save some cash. For an extra-cute idea, use the bottle as a bag and fill them up with candy and other goodies.


7. Sunglasses

If you're hosting a summer pool party or other fun-in-the-sun activity, you can't go wrong with sunglasses as a party favor. You can even order them in bulk from online sites or pick up a few from the dollar store to keep the cost low while the value of the memories stays high.

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And there you have it, some of the best party favors for teens! The exact setup you go for will depend on the type of party you're throwing and other factors, but these are all some of the top favorites that are sure to impress your guests. And if you need some birthday party ideas to get you started before picking up all your favors, you can click HERE for our list of some of the best.