Peyton List and Karan Brar Host Pass the Plate Nutrition Series!

Jessie stars Peyton List and Karan Brar host Pass the Plate, a series of PSAs that educate kids about what goes into good nutrition. Each of the five episodes aired yesterday. Check out the first here!pass the plate karan brar peyton list

Pass The Plate teaches kids about eating healthy food and where that food comes from, educating them about agriculture and more.

In the first episode, Peyton and Karan begin by meeting a gardener named Annie on a Brooklyn rooftop. There, she's made use of an unlikely space to create a community garden and feed people!

The episode also highlights a man named Justin Cutter and the mobile classroom, garden and home he's set up in the back of a truck he's named Angie!

Food deserts are place where people don't have easy, inexpensive access to nutritious fruits and veggies. To remedy this problem, Justin drives everywhere he can, bringing good food to neighborhoods that need it most and teaching kids about nutrition!

The truck is outfitted with a clever contraption that catches rainwater that can be used to water the truck's plants, as well as its own compost pile. Justin hopes to not only teach people about their own health, but how to keep the whole world healthy!

Watch the episode below and share your thoughts! You can also join us at Sweety High to tell us how you stay healthy!