12 Truths You'll Only Relate to If You Celebrate Passover

Time to toss your chametz and crack open your Manischewitz matzah boxes, because it's Pesach!

To commemorate the staple spring holiday celebrated in Judaism, we've rounded up 12 truths below that you'll only relate to if you observe Passover.

1. Elijah is the favorite holiday guest you've never actually seen.

2. Homemade chocolate-caramel-dipped matzah is the best.dessert.ever. Each year, you forget how darn easy this delight is to make!

3. You constantly have to remind people that Passover is way holier than Hanukah.

4. You're either overjoyed that you're not the youngest child at the seder, or you dread the whole thing because you are indeed the youngest and must read The Four Questions.

5. By the time dinner rolls around during your seders, you are already ready for bed.

6. You totally aren't in the mood to sing "Dayenu" all seder long, but once the moment comes, you find yourself chanting like there's no tomorrow!

7. You seriously do not understand how anyone can eat Gefilte Fish (barf!).


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8. Not being able to eat bread for a week is a total bummer, but you always get excited about being able to eat potatoes!

9. Even though finding the afikomen usually doesn't result in that big of a prize, the attempt to hunt it down is still so much fun!

10. Your fave lunchtime snack is Tam Tams, hands down.

11. Friends are envious of your seemingly endless supply of matzo ball soup this week. Suddenly everyone wants to come over for dinner.

12. Piling up at the grocery store during this time is always a struggle when you get to the matzah stand. Do I go with whole wheat, egg, unsalted, gluten-free, original??


We know the Festival of Lights is a ways away, but if you relate to the above Passover truths, we're pretty sure you'll feel us on THESE truths you'll only relate to if you celebrate Chanukah!