What Your Favorite Pasta Noodle Says About Your Personality

Everyone has a go-to pasta noodle they just can't help but order each and every time.

But have you ever thought about the deeper meaning of your preferred pasta?

We dove deep into your dish of choice to reveal what your fave noodle says about your personality. Scroll below to find out:


If spaghetti is your favorite type of pasta noodle, then you're a hopeless romantic. Your idea of a perfect date probably revolves around sitting at a dimly lit restaurant and staring into your crush's eyes over candlelight with a bowl of spaghetti and a glass of sparkling water between you. You're a bold person who isn't afraid to don deep red lipstick or dance in the rain, though your romantic side is also known to get lost in a classic novel's love affair. You're always looking for a deeper meaning in things, whether it's art or, simply, the text you received from a crush. One thing is for sure, if your life was a movie genre it would be "Romance."

Lady and Tramp eating spaghetti

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The person who loves a bowtie dish is the comedian of the friend group. While others may refer to this noodle by its classic name, farfalle, you are a sucker for this its semi-formal shape. You love to have fun and don't take yourself too seriously, which is why the party doesn't start until you walk in. It's safe to say you prefer a low-key atmosphere to high-bro sophistication, but that's because you like to live life loud and your laughter cannot be contained to inside voices. While you love bowtie pasta, everyone loves their fun-loving friend.



If you consistently order ravioli then you, my dear, have an adventurous personality. This noodle comes stuffed with endless flavor combos and you're on a mission to try them all. As an adventurous person, you're also a risk-taker. You aren't afraid to try new things because everything you do is for the experience. That said, you also have many moods. One day you're ready to jet-set, and the next you want to immerse yourself in the comforts of home. Whatever your mood may be, this pasta noodle is your go-to because there's a unique flavor for whatever you're feeling.

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If penne is your favorite pasta noodle then you are very reliable. You can always be counted on because time and again you've proven that you're only a call away. Whether it's a late night cry sesh or last minute homework help, you are everyone's go-to friend for assistance and advice. Just like your fave noodle, everyone always knows what to expect from your friendship, which is consistent loyalty. That said, you aren't just stable. You're also an incredibly adaptable person who works well under many different pressures and circumstances. What can you say, you've got a good head on your shoulders!



If you love gnocchi (and know how to pronounce it properly) then you are one sophisticated person. This noodle is different from the rest and takes lots of time and patience to construct the intricate shape. You appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy dining with class. Sometimes this means that you take yourself too seriously, but you can't help your desire to be cultured. You want to know the most, do the most and experience the most in life because you know it's too short to settle for anything less than extraordinary. That said, you also don't miss an opportunity to snap a pic of your fancy pasta.

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Elbow pasta, otherwise known as macaroni, is your fave noodle because you're a kid at heart. You enjoy nostalgia, whether it's an old movie or a place you used to visit as a kid. You never get tired of talking about the old days but that doesn't keep you from making new memories. Sure, you can be a Chatty Cathy at times, but in all honesty you'd rather be out playing sports, games and pranks. You bond with people over your shared experiences and you're always up for fun. You're easy to get along with because of your go-with-the-flow attitude. If there's one drawback to your childish persona, it's that you can be a tad sensitive at times. But there's nothing that a bowl of mac-and-cheese can't fix.

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