How payton's New Single 'all wrong' Is 'All About the Future'

Singer-songwriter payton is back today with a brand new single, "all wrong," and if it's any indication of what's to come, we can expect some big things from the artist.

The R&B-infused pop track is a chill confessional, with lyrics portraying a relationship gone sour. Payton based it on his real experiences, and that comes through in every line of his smooth vocals. Once we heard it, we just knew he had to learn more, and Payton was kind enough to tell us all about what the song and its lyrics mean to him.

The Story Behind 'all wrong'

payton: The inspiration came from a feeling I got familiar with in a one-sided relationship, putting in all your effort just to have your S.O. always find something wrong about a situation.


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What 'all wrong' Means

payton: This single is a big step for me. This is a move toward a new direction and this release has given me great confidence in my projects in the future. I hope my supporters take this as a doorway to something amazing, the first piece of the puzzle. It's all about the future.

Payton leaning with yellow block background

(Photo credit: Jack Dytrych)


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payton's Favorite Lyric

payton: "You say I act entitled, get lonely give me problems. You hate when I'm unbothered, it's all good it's no problem." I just love the way I delivered it and the feel, haha.

Payton Close Up Shot with band-aid on hand

(Photo credit: Jack Dytrych)


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